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02.10.11: Comparison of density field and stratification between HYCOM and WHOTS data

We compare here the potential density field σ and stratification N obtained in HYCOM to the WHOTS data. The modelled potential density field appears similar to the observations, in both amplitude, vertical structure and temporal variability (Fig. 1). The same is also true for the stratification (Fig. 2), especially the timing of the weakened stratification, its destruction and reconstruction. One exception, however, concerns the maximum in stratification below the surface mixed layer (SML) during the rest of the year: the modelled maximum appears more diffuse (weaker and less sharp) than the observed one.


Figure 1: σ during wh01a (here and in all the other figures, the WHOTS time series that is plotted is the 1-day average of the original WHOTS time series).


Figure 2: σ in HYCOM at the WHOTS location.


Figure 3: σ during wh02a.


Figure 4: N during wh01a.


Figure 5: N in HYCOM at the WHOTS location.


Figure 6: N during wh02a.