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Essays on the divide between arts and scienceΒΆ

In Science’s new battle lines (Nature, May 6, 2009), G. Ferry develops on the divide between science and arts started by C. P. Snown in the 60’s and emphasizes that the main division is now between optimism and pessimism. She recognizes that the product of science has not always served humanity but notices that some writers have started to rediscover the beauty and usefulness of science, the same love that follows the birth of science in the 19th century.

She finally notices that although you can be an optimistic or a pessimistic writer, you cannot be a pessimistic scientist.

In Dissecting The Two Cultures (Nature, May 6, 2009), M. Kemp argues that the real divide is now due to the specialization of both scientists and literary critics and the lack of a broad education.