Last updated February 9, 2020

About Us

Nā Kama Kai is the University of Hawaiʻi oceanography graduate student organization. It’s purpose is to serve the oceanography graduate students both academically and socially. Academically, Nā Kama Kai acts as the conduit between oceanography graduate students and faculty. The president and vice president of Nā Kama Kai attend oceanography faculty meetings to convey the graduate students’ ideas and opinions to the faculty and report to the students any relevant information from those meetings. Nā Kama Kai also elects student representatives to faculty committees, which review the curriculum, evaluate the quality of teaching, and hire new faculty in the department. Socially, Nā Kama Kai serves to unite oceanography graduate students through activities such as breakfasts, coffee hours, and the new student party. All graduate students face similar challenges and through these activities, we can share our experiences, offer support to each other, and make connections which will help in our future professional careers. Nā Kama Kai also organizes the graduate student area (MSB 200), making it a comfortable place to study or gather together, and designs the annual oceanography department t-shirt.