About Us

Current Group

Photo of Brian Glazer.

Brian Glazer

Oceanography Faculty

Photo of Kristen Fogaren.

Kristen Fogaren

Oceanography graduate student

Photo of Caleb Hsu.

Caleb Hsu

Global Environmental Science undergraduate

Photo of Stanley Lio.

Stanley Lio

Electrical engineer, in situ instrumentation

Photo of Arne Sturm.

Arne Sturm

Postdoc, Deep subsurface biosphere

Past Members

Photo of Anna Williams.

Anna Williams

Lab & field technician

Photo of Angelos Hannides.

Angelos Hannides

Postdoc, now faculty member at Coastal Carolina University

Photo of Heather Mills.

Heather Mills

Undergraduate student, currently at U-New Hampshire

Photo of Mari Okahari.

Mari Okahari

Undergraduate student

Photo of Francesca Koethe.

Francesca Koethe

Undergraduate student

Jennifer Murphy

OCN graduate student, now lecturer at Miami-Dade

Photo of Becky Briggs.

Becky Briggs

Postdoc, now SOEST S-LAB Specialist

Photo of Michael Matzinger.

Michael Matzinger

Oceanography graduate student

Photo of Jonathan Fram.

Jonathan Fram

Postdoc, now faculty member at Oregon State University

Photo of In Chieh Chen.

In Chieh Chen

M.S., Ocean and Resource Engineering, currently with Knolls Atomic Power Lab

Photo of Amanda Ricardo.

Amanda Ricardo

B.S., Global Environmental Science; currently with AMEC Earth and Environmental

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