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Faculty Member’s Principal Research Interests

Rosie Alegado
Assistant Researcher
Marine microbial ecology, choanoflagellate-bacterial interactions, influence of bacteria on animal evolution.
Whitlow Au
Researcher, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Bioacoustics and ecological acoustics of the marine evironment.
Janet M. Becker
Associate Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics
Geophysical fluid dynamics, coastal processes and the general ocean circulation.
Robert Bidigare
Professor, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Bio-optical oceanography, nutrient cyclying, phytoplankton pigment biochemistry, intermediary metabolism in marine plankton.
Glenn Carter
Assistant Professor
Internal tides and tidally driven mixing near topography.
Michael Cooney
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Isolation of antifouling compounds from marine algae, bioreactor design, and continuous clutivation of marine bacteria and copepods.
Matthew J. Church
Assoc. Professor
Microbial oceanography and biogeochemistry, plankton biomass and production, ocean ecosystem dynamics.
Antony D. Clarke
Emeritus Research Professor
Sea-salt and marine aerosols, global pollution, atmospheric optics, aerosol-cloud studies, biogeochemical cycles.
Eric H. DeCarlo
Research Professor
Aquatic geochemistry, environmental geochemistry, ocean observation systems, trace element geochemistry.
Jeffrey C. Drazen
Assoc. Professor
Physiological ecology of deep-sea fishes, energetic strategies, trophodynamics, deep sea fisheries.
Kyle Edwards
Assistant Professor
Phytoplankton ecology, community ecology, ecological theory and statistics, benthic communities.
Eric Firing
Equatorial circulation, general circulation, physical oceanographic technology.
Pierre J. Flament
Dynamics of the surface layer, water-types formation, subduction and thermocline ventilation, mixing processes, mesoscale structures, remote sensing.
Eric Gaidos
Assoc. Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics
Molecular evolutionary biology and genomics, microbiology of reefs and rainforests, global change and earth history.
Ruth Gates
Associate Researcher, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Regulation and de-stabilization of coral/dinoflagellate symbioses, evolution and development of animal sensory systems.
Brian T. Glazer
Assoc. Professor
Aquatic geomicrobiology, marine redox biogeochemistry, ocean observing techonlogy
Erica Goetze
Assistant Professor
Evolutionary ecology of marine zooplankton, dispersal and gene flow in marine plankton populations, small-scale behavioral ecology of marine copepods.
David T. Ho
Air-water gas exchange; carbon cycle; tracer and coastal oceanography; continental waters.
David M. Karl
Microbiological oceanography, oceanic productivity, biogeochemical fluxes.
Chris Kelley
Deep water habitats, ecology & fisheries, seafloor mapping, GIS
Paul F. Kemp
Marine microbial ecology, growth and activity of marine microbes in water column and sediment, biosensor development.
Rudolf C. Kloosterziel
Assistant Researcher
Geophysical fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic, hydromagnetic stability.
Petra Lenz
Associate Researcher, Pacific Biosciences Research Center.
Neuroecology of zooplankton sensory systems.
Roger Lukas
Emeritus Professor
Equatorial circulation, air-sea interaction, climate variability, and ocean observing systems.
Douglas S. Luther
Circulation variability and dynamics, mesoscale fluctuations, waves in the ocean, flow-topography interactions.
Julian P. McCreary
Equatorial ocean dynamics, coupled ocean-atmosphere modelling, general ocean circulation, coastal ocean dynamics, ecosystem modelling.
Margaret Anne McManus
Coastal circulation, mesoscale processes, physical-biological interactions in the ocean.
Gary McMurtry
Associate Professor
Geochemistry of marine deposits, seafloor venting processes, chemical volcanology, stable and radioisotope geochemistry, geochronology, in situ instrumentation development.
Christopher Measures
Trace element chemistry, biogeochemical effect of dust deposition to oceans, elemental mass balance.
Mark A. Merrifield
Professor Director, UH Sea Level Center
Coastal oceanography, ocean waves, sea level variability
Michael J. Mottl
Geochemical implications of plate tectonics, interaction of seawater with oceanic crust, subduction zone fluids.
Peter K. Muller
Theoretical physical oceanography, ocean circulation, waves and turbulence.
Craig E. Nelson
Assistant Researcher
Structure and function of natural bacterial communities in aquatic habitats such as coral reefs, lakes, streams, and the open ocean.
Anna Neuheimer
Assistant Professor
Quantitative marine ecology of fish and invertebrates; biological modeling of individuals, populations & ecosystems; fisheries oceanography.
Brian N. Popp
Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics
Stable isotope biogeochemistry, marine organic geochemistry, isotopic biogeochemistry of individual biomarkers and gases.
Brian Powell
Assistant Professor
Numerical modeling & variational data assimilation, ocean prediction & predictability, ocena dynamics, and ocean ecosystem dynamics.
Bo Qiu
Numerical modeling of ocean circulation.
Michael Rappé
Associate Researcher, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Phylogenetic, genomic, and metabolic diversity of microorganisms including marine plankton, coral reef, and deep subsurface ecosystems.
Kelvin Richards
Ocean mixing processes, circulation and dynamics, ocean-atmosphere interaction, ecosystem modeling.
Kathleen Ruttenberg
Associate Professor
Marine biochemistry and cycling of nutrients and redox-sensitive elements, sediment diagenesis, paleogeochemistry.
Frank Sansone
Biogeochemistry and physical dynamics of permeable sediments, lava-seawater interactions, hydrothermal gas geochemistry.
Niklas Schneider
Associate Professor
Decadal climate variability, role of the ocean in climate.
Jane Schoonmaker
Specialist & Undergraduate Chair
Sedimentary geochemistry and diagenesis, interpretation of paleoenviroment and paleoclimate sedimentary records.
Karen Selph
Associate Specialist
Biological oceanography, microbial ecology, protistan grazer feeding dynamics, phytoplankton distributions, use of flow cytometry in ecological research.
Craig R. Smith
Benthic ecology, deep-sea biology, sediment biogeochemistry, climate-change effects on Antartic ecosystems, marine conservation.
Grieg F. Steward
Associate Professor
Marine microbial ecology, molecular ecology of viruses and bacteria, microbial contributions to biogeochemical cycles.
Florence Thomas
Associate Researcher, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Coral reef and coastal ecology, reproductive biology, hydrodynamics and biomechanics.
Axel Timmermann
Paleoceanography, ENSO, ice-sheet ocean interactions, glacial cycles.
Robert Toonen
Associate Researcher, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Larval ecology, coral reef biology, evolution, phylogeography and conservation genetics of marine invertebrates.
Kevin Weng
Assistant Researcher
Behavior, migration and habitat use of sharks and fishes, oceanography of key habitats of pelagic nekton, fishery management and conservation.
Richard Zeebe
Elemental cycling in the ocean, atmosphere and biosphere, ocean acidifcation, carbon cycle, paleoclimate.


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