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Learn more about our "Deep Ocean Quest" in this feature article (June 2014):

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Dr. Olivier Rouxel

Associate Professor

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

Department of Oceanography

1000 Pope Road, MSB 510

Honolulu, HI 96822 USA

office: (808) 956-8333

email: orouxel(at)

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WELCOME tO tHE M.I.G. laboratory !

The Metal Isotope Geochemistry Lab has been established in May 2016 under the supervision of PI Olivier Rouxel, within the Department of Oceanography at UH. The lab workspace is composed of state-of-the-art clean room facilities and general sample preparation area, and is adjacent to shared ICP laboratories composed of ICP AES, Quad-ICP-MS, HR-ICPMS. The lab operates closely with the SOEST MC-ICPMS Laboratory hosting the Nu Instruments HR multi-collector ICP mass spectrometer.

Research themes

Our ultimate goal is to decipher the co-evolution of life, Earth, and marine biogeochemical cycles.

We are investigating the biogeochemical cycling of metals and metalloids in seawater and across major oceanic boundaries, including seafloor hydrothermal systems, marine sediments, and coastal environments.

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The field of metal isotope geochemistry

We are developing and applying innovative geochemical proxies to address fundamental questions and processes operating at oceanic boundaries, from the scale of microorganisms to the scale of oceanic basins, and from the Early Earth to the evolving present.

The recent development of these new geochemical proxies, enabled by state of the art isotope geochemistry using multi-collector ICPMS, and constituting the heart of our research interests, represents a largely untapped yet extremely promising avenue of discovery that is poised at the intersection of marine, geological, atmospheric, and biological science.

Learn more about our isotope proxies here: