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Alexander Malahoff

Emeritus Professor of Oceanography
Director of HURL*

Department of Oceanography 
University of Hawai`i at Manoa 
1000 Pope Road 
Marine Sciences Building, Room 319
Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-6802 
Fax: (808) 956-2136

E-mail: malahoff@hawaii.edu



** Presently on leave from the University of Hawaii, serving as CEO of GNS Science, New Zealand.


  • BS 1960 - Geology, University of New Zealand
  • MS 1962 - Geology (Geophysics), Victoria University of Wellington
  • PhD 1965 - Geophysics, University of Hawaii
  • DSc (Hon) 2001 - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Research Interests

  • Geological Oceanography
  • Global Tectonics
  • Mineral Formation Processes
  • Submarine Hydrothermal Systems
  • Underwater Volcanism
  • Active Research Programs


Teaching Activities

  • OCN 330 - Mineral and Energy Resources of the Sea
  • OCN 622 - Geological Oceanography
  • OCN 631 - Ocean Minerals
  • OCN 735 - Seminar in Geological Oceanography

Selected Publications

Malahoff, A., I.Ya. Kolotyrkina, B.P. Midson, and G.J. Massoth, A decade of exploring a submarine intraplate volcano: Hydrothermal manganese and iron at Loihi volcano, Hawai’i, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 7(6): Q06002.

Donachie, S.P., S. Hou, T.S. Gregory, A. Malahoff, and M. Alam, Idiomarina loihiensis, sp. nov., a new, halophilic dProteobacterium from the Loihi submarine volcano, Hawaii, International Jour. of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 53:1873-1879, 2003.

Donachie, S.P., B.W. Christensen, D.D. Kunkel, A. Malahoff, and M. Alam, Microbial community in acidic bydrothermal waters of volcanically active White Island, New Zealand, Extremophiles, 6(5):419-425, 2002.

Malahoff, A., T. Gregory, A. Bossuyt, S. Donachie, and M. Alam, A seamless system for the collection and clutivation of extremophiles from deep-ocean hydrothermal vents, IEEE Jour. of Oceanic Engineering, 27(4)862-869, 2002.

Smith, J.R., A. Malahoff, A.N. Shor, Submarine geology of the Hilina slump and morpho-structural evolution of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii, in D. Elsworth, J.C. Carracedo, and S.J. Day (eds.) Jour. of Volcanology and Geothermal Res., 94:59-88, 1999.

Malahoff, A., An integrated shipboard ocean floor research system using a SeaBeam 210 ocean survey system installed on the R/V Ka'imikikai-o-Kanaloa, in J.C. Wiltshire (ed.), Marine Geodesy, Taylor & Francis, 21(2):97-109, 1998.

Malahoff, A. I. Ya. Kolotyrkina, and L.K. Shpigun, Shipboard determination of dissolved cobalt in sea-water using flow injection with catalytic spectrophotometric detection, Analyst, 121:1037-1041, 1996.

Kolotrykina, I. Ya., L.K. Shpigun, Y.A. Zolotov, A. Malahoff, Application of Flow Injection Spectrophotometry to the Determination of Dissolved Iron in Sea-water, Analyst, 120:201-206, 1995.