Fred T. Mackenzie:
M.S. and Ph.D. Theses Supervised as Committee Chair


SOESTAndersson, A.J., 2006, Biogeochemical consequences of rising atmospheric CO2 and "ocean acidification" in the global coastal ocean and carbonate ecosystem. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Fagan, K.E., 2005, Processes controlling air-sea exchange of CO2 in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Andersson, A.J., 2003, Climate change and anthropogenic effects on shallow-water carbonate biogeochemistry. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Ringuet, S., 2003, Biogeochemical impacts of storm runoff on water quality in southern Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Guidry, M.W., 2002, Apatite dissolution kinetics and the long-term phosphorus cycle. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Hoover, D.J., 2002, Fluvial nitrogen and phosphorus in Hawaii: storm runoff, land use, and impacts on coastal waters. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Tanaka, K., 2002, Statistical and stability analysis of ecosystem dynamics in southern Kaneohe Bay. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Ver, L.M., 1999, Global kinetic models of coupled C, N, P, S biogeochemical cycles: Implications for global environmental change. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Arvidson, R.S., 1998, Dolomite precipitation kinetics and application to the “dolomite problem”. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Sadler, D.W., 1997, Physical and biogeochemical controls on the distribution of carbon dioxide in the North Pacific Ocean. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Urmos, J., 1994, Aspects of diagenesis in pelagic carbonate sediments, Ontong Java Plateau. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Krothapalli, S., 1993, Fluxes of inorganic carbon at Station Aloha, Hawaii. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Sabine, C.L., 1992, Carbon system interactions between shoal-waters and open-ocean systems. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.)

Bertram, M., 1989, The effect of temperature on the solubility of magnesian calcites. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Miller, D.L., 1988, Possible effects of sea level rise on Kailua, Oahu and implications for Pacific atolls. (University of Hawaii M.S.)

Dollar, S.J., 1986, Response of the benthic ecosystem to the Sand Island sewage outfall: A nutrient approach. (University of Hawaii Ph.D.; joint supervision with Dr. Stephen V. Smith)

Agegian, C.R., 1985, The biogeochemical ecology of Porolithon gardineri (Foslie). (University of Hawaii Ph.D.; joint supervision with Dr. Keith Chave)

Bischoff, W.D., 1985, Magnesian calcites: Crystal chemistry, solubility and solution behavior of synthetic and biogenic phases. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Hill, J.M., 1984, Identification of sedimentary biogeochemical reservoirs in Chesapeake Bay. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Chang, H., 1983, Diagenesis and mass transfer in Cretaceous sandstone shale sequences, offshore Brazil. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Arnseth, R., 1982, Sedimentology and diagenesis of algal mounds and associated silicate muds, Salt River estuary, St. Croix, U.S.V.I. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Pigott, J.D., 1981, Global tectonic control of secular variations in Phanerozoic sedimentary rock/ocean/atmosphere chemistry. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Brown, I.F., 1980, The nitrogen cycle and heat budget of a subtropical lagoon, Devil's Hole, Harrington Sound, Bermuda. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Egli, P., 1979, Cycling behavior of dissolved lithium in the oceans. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Stoffyn, M.A., 1979, Fate of dissolved aluminum in the oceans. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Lantzy, R.J., 1978, Global cycling behavior of trace metals. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Ristvet, B.L., 1977, Reverse weathering reactions within recent nearshore marine sediments, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Dodge, C.H., 1976, Artificial control of some interstitial water chemistry, Krause Lagoon, St. Croix, U.S.V.I. (Northwestern M.S.)

White, A.F., 1975, Sodium and potassium coprecipitation in calcium carbonate. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Badiozamani, K., 1972, The Dorag dolomitization model application to the Middle Ordovician of Wisconsin. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Beane, R.E., 1972, The thermodynamic analysis of the effect of solid solution of the hydrothermal stability of biotite. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Plummer, L.N., 1972, Rates of mineral aqueous solution reactions. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Stuart, W.D., 1971, Evaporite deposition in a layered sea: A wind driven dynamic model. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Vacher, H.L., 1971, Late Pleistocene sea level history: Bermuda evidence. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Lafon, G.M., 1970, Some quantitative aspects of the chemical evolution of the oceans. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Upchurch, S.B., 1970, Sedimentation on the Bermuda platform. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Stuart, W.D., 1969, Interpretation of Bermuda gravity measurements in terms of pedestal structure and carbonate stratigraphy. (Northwestern M.S.)

Thorstenson, D.C., 1969, Equilibrium distribution of small organic molecules in natural waters. (Northwestern Ph.D.)

Roy, K.J., 1968, Stratigraphic analysis and environmental reconstruction of the Boundary Member of the Charlie Lake Formation (Triassic), northeastern, British Columbia. (Northwestern Ph.D.)


Global Environmental Science (GES) Senior Theses Supervised


Lam, Justin, 2007, Air-water carbon dioxide exchange in the mountain streams and estuary of Kailua, Hawaii during storm events.

Tan, Adrian, 2007, Ocean acidification: Effects of increased pCO2 levels on calcifying organisms.

Akiba, Miya, 2006, Processes controlling the air-sea exchange of oxygen in southern Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.

Ghen, Graceson, 2005, Attalea phalerata and biodiesel: implications for local and regional sustainability.

Chen, Hong-Wei Will, 2003, Physical and biogeochemical properties of Enchanted Lake.

Gambaiani, Delphine, 2003, Evaluation of nitrogen dynamics in vineyards of Languedoc Roussillon (joint supervision with Dr. Carl Evensen)

Voluer, Mathieu, 2003, Dissolution of metastable carbonate minerals: effects of physical mixing and potential as a buffer against rising atmospheric CO2 in coral reef ecosystems.

Kobayashi, Kamalana, 2001, He'eia coastal wetland as a sink for nitrogen, phosphorus, and polychlorinated byphenyls in waters entering Kaneohe Bay.


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