Fred T. Mackenzie: Honors & Professional Services



Dr. Mackenzie is a Fellow of:

. The Mineralogical Society of America
. The Geological Society of America
. The Geochemical Society
. The American Association for the Advancement of Science
. Life Trustee of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (now called Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences)

He has also served on innumerable national and international committees, including those for NSF, NASA, NOAA, DOE and EPA.

Some Research and Teaching Awards Received:

. 1955: Upsala College W.A. Tarr Award in the Earth Sciences

. 1966: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Best Paper Award (with R. M. Garrels)

. 1971: Northwestern University Marple-Schweitzer Distinguished Lecturer in Chemistry

. 1972: American Geophysical Union Distinguished Visiting Scientist

. 1974: Northwestern University Presidential Citation for Excellence in Teaching

. 1977: State University of New York-Stony Brook Distinguished Visiting Professor

. 1982: University of Hawaii Enhancement of Graduate Studies and Student Life Award

. 1984: University of Kansas Merrill W. Haas Visiting Distinguished Scientist and M. W. Haas Medal

. 1988: Universite Libre de Bruxelles Francqui International Medal of Science

. 1989, 1991: University of South Florida Department of Marine Science Eminent Scholars Lectureship

.1991: Bermuda Biological Station for Research Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship

. 1991: University of Hawaii Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research

.1991: Bruxelles, Belgium Capital Region Visiting Scientist Fellowship

.1993: University of Hawaii Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching

.1993: The Electrochemical Society Citation for Outstanding Accomplishments in the Field of Atmospheric Chemistry

. 1994: University of Hawaii Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching

. 1995: University Center in Georgia Distinguished Visiting Scholar; Georgia State, Georgia Tech, and University of Georgia

.1995: Achievement Awards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scientist of the Year

.1995: Berlin Advanced Studies Institute Wissenscahftskolleg Fellowship

.1996: Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science Life Trustee

. 1996: University of Hawaii at Manoa Mortar Board 7th Annual Presidents Tea Award

. 1997: Wichita State University Watkins Distinguished Visiting Professor

. 1999: Northwestern University Department of Geological Science Distinguished Visiting Professor

. 1999: Texas A&M University Department of Geology and Geophysics First Michel T. Halbouty Medal and Visiting Chair

.2003: Hawaii Academy of Sciences Distinguished Research Scientist Award

. 2004: University of Cincinnati John L. Rich Lecturer

. 2005: Society for Sedimentary Geology Francis J. Pettijohn Medal for Excellence in Sedimentology

. 2006: The Geochemical Society Clair C. Patterson Award

. 2007: International Association of GeoChemistry Vladimir I. Vernadsky Medal

. 2009: American Chemical Society Geochemistry Medal

. 2010: The Explorers Club Fellow National

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