Fred T. Mackenzie: Active Research Programs & Grants


Dr. Mackenzie is an interdisciplinary scientist with a broad range of interests in sedimentary, marine, and global geochemistry. He is concerned with problems related to the global environment: past, present, and future. Carbon and carbonates, biogeochemical cycles, dolomite and phosphate mineral kinetics, seawater history, ocean acidification, and modeling and field programs dealing with the coupled carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur cycles are his current interests.

(Current grants are in Bold and other grants since the late 1990s are shown)

National Science Foundation

Mackenzie, F.T., 2005-2007: Phanerozoic Seafloor Spreading Rate and Compositional History of the Atmosphere, Ocean and Sediments: A Dynamical Approach.


Petroleum Research Foundation-American Chemical Society



National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration


NOAA - Hawaii Sea Grant





National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Environmental Protection Agency

Pauley Foundation



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