Gen Del Raye - PhD student

Climate change impacts on fishes

Eunjung Kim - PhD student

co-advised with Dr John Sibert

Effects of fish aggregating devices on the movements of tunas

Christina Comfort - MSc 2012

Biology of deep water sharks

Now working with the SOEST SWAC Team studying environmental impacts of alternative energy

Andrew Gray - MSc student

Reproductive biology and residence time of seamount fishes

Kevin Weng - Principal Investigator

Manager, Pelagic Fisheries Research Program

PhD, Stanford University

MSc, University of Hawaii at Manoa

BA, Williams College

lab alumni

Dr Tim Sippel - Postdoctoral Scholar 2010-11

Biology of pelagic fishes

Now a scientist at NOAA-SWFSC

La Jolla, CA USA

copyright 2014 kevin weng

Gadea Perez-Andujar - MSc student

Stephen Scherrer - PhD student

Danielle Garcia - undergraduate

Chase Roberts - undergraduate

Dr Martin Pedersen - Postdoctoral Scholar

Spatial ecology and geolocation of marine vertebrates