Photo: Arik Pulsifer

weng lab

Beginning in the Fall of 2014 the lab will move to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.


We are interested in how the world’s oceans will respond to major perturbations of the anthropocene – enormous removals of fish biomass, coupled with warming, stratification, deoxygenation and acidification – and how we should be managing ocean resources. Our work is structured around a series of broad questions. Where do animals live, and how will they redistribute in the future? What are their habitats, and where are these habitats headed? At what scales should we manage them? How can they help us answer these questions? 

photograph: Alex Hearn

photograph: Mike Johnson

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Christina Comfort’s paper is out in DSR2 !

New paper on population status of great white sharks in the Eastern Pacific Ocean:
Burgess et al 2014: A Re-Evaluation of the Size of the White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) Population off California, USA.  PLOS One
Reuters article
The Times article
The Daily Mail article

Some of our supporters get to come out shark tagging!   If you are interested in supporting shark research, please contact Kevin Weng