7fcde7 square The Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, SOEST
Richard W. Grigg

Emeritus Researcher 

Department of Oceanography, 
University of Hawai`i at Manoa, 
1000 Pope Road, 
Marine Sciences Building, 
Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-7186 
Fax: (808) 956-8668

E-mail: rgrigg@soest.hawaii.edu



  • BS 1958 - Stanford University
  • MS 1964 - University of Hawaii
  • PhD 1970 - University of California at San Diego, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography

Research Interests

  • Coral reef ecology
  • Paleoecology
  • Fisheries management

Teaching Activites

  • OCN 201 - Science of the Sea
  • OCN 621 - Biological Oceanography
  • OCN 628 - Benthic Biological Oceanography

Ten Selected Publications

Richard W. Grigg (in press) Invasion of a deep black coral bed by an alien species, Carijoa riisei, off Maui, Hawaii. Coral Reefs.

Richard W. Grigg, Eric Grossman, Sylvia Earle, Steve Gittings, Dave Lott and John McDonough (2002) Drowned reefs and antecedent karst topography, Au’au Channel, S.E. Hawaiian Islands. Coral Reefs, 21 73-82.  

Richard W. Grigg (2001) Status of the black coral fishery in Hawaii, 1998. Pacific Science, 55 291-299.

Richard W. Grigg (2000) Coral Reef Evolution: short term instability versus evolutionary stasis Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Dec. 2000: 65-68.

Richard W. Grigg (1999) The Paleoceanography of coral reefs in the Pacific: 240 Ma of ocean and island history. Prometheus, 17 1-3.

Richard W. Grigg (1998) Holocene coral reef accretion in Hawaii; a function of wave exposure and sea level history. Coral Reefs, 17 263-272.

Richard W. Grigg (1997) Benthic communitites on Loihi submarine volcano reflect high disturbance environment. Pacific Science, 51 209-222.

Richard W. Grigg (1997) Uplift caused by lithospheric flexure in the Hawaiian Archipelago as revealed by elevated coral deposits. Marine Geology, 14111-25.

Richard W. Grigg (1997) Paleoceanography of the Hawaiian-Emperor Archipelago - Revisited. Coral Reefs, 16 145-153.

Richard W. Grigg (1995) Coral reefs in an urban embayment in Hawaii: a complex case history    controlled by both natural and anthropogenic stress. Coral Reefs, 14 253-266.

Research Funding

  • Sea Grant. 2001-2003. $77,353. Sustainability of the black coral fishery in Hawaii and impacts on bottom fish.
  • HURL. 2001-2003. $275,000. Sustainability of the black coral fishery in Hawaii and impacts on bottom fish.
  • Sea Grant. 2003-2005. $55,882. Impact of an invasive invertebrate species, Carijoa riisei, on coral reef ecology in Hawaii.
  • NOAA. 2002-2003. Approximately $2,500,000. Co-Principal Investigator with Marlin Atkinson et al., and STI. Hyperspectral analysis of coral reefs in the Hawaiian Archipelago.