Graduate Student Projects

Ms Angelo Fraga Bernardino - PhD student

Phone: (808) 956-5029
Fax: (808) 956-9516

Universidade de Sao Paulo - USP
Instituto Oceanografico
Pca do Oceanografico, 191
Sao Paulo SP, Brazil
Current address: 1000 Pope Road
96822 Honolulu, HI


  • Angelo Bernardino is a PhD student from University of São Paulo – Brazil, but now he is working as a research scholar at Dr. Craig Smith’s lab at University of Hawaii. Angelo’s research is focused on ecology of large organic parcels at the deep-sea floor, such as whale carcasses, wood and macroalgae debris. In his PhD, he will compare communities found at these organic “oasis” with those colonizing cold seeps on the NE Pacific Californian Slope. His interests are in benthic ecology, including deep-sea ecology, bentho-pelagic coupling, benthic ecosystem function and also marine conservation.

    Faculty Advisors

  • Prof. Dr. Paulo Y. G. Sumida - University of São Paulo, Brazil
    Prof. Dr. Craig R. Smith - UH Manoa, USA

    Current Research and Collaborations

  • Ecology of Whale carcasses, Wood and Kelp islands in the deep-sea (Craig Smith (PI), Amy Baco-Taylor; Tina Treude and others);

  • Benthic ecology, bentho-pelagic coupling, ecosystem functioning and climate change on the West Antarctica Peninsula Shelf (Craig Smith, David DeMaster & Carrie Thomas, PI.s); 

  • Benthic ecosystem function under anthropogenic stressors in Hawaii (Craig Smith (PI) and Andrew Sweetman);


  • Sumida, P.Y.G.; Bernardino, A.F.; Stedall, V.P. & Smith, C.R. in press. “Temporal changes in benthic megafaunal abundance and composition across the West Antarctic Peninsula shelf: results from video surveys” Deep-Sea Research II (In press).

  • Smith, C.R., De Leo, F.C., Bernardino, A., Sweetman, A., & Martinez, P. Abyssal biodiversity, Ecosystem function and Climate Change.  Trends in Ecology and Evolution. (Submitted)
Angelo Bernardino