Yvonne-Katrin Parry

Yvonne-Katrin Parry was born August 19th 1977 in Wiesbaden/Germany. She graduated as an Analytical Chemical Technician in September 1999 from Fresenius European University of Applied Sciences in Idstein/Germany. After completing her studies she joined the Graduate Chemistry Program at the Fresenius European University of Applied Sciences. In August 2002 she graduated with the title of "Diplom-Ingenieurin (FH)-International Studies in Environmental Chemistry and Health Sciences".
Yvonne's desire for research in oceanography arose during her studies at Fresenius. From September 2000 until February 2001 Yvonne performed directed research for her internship (Beryllium determination in seawater via GC-ECD) in the Geochemical Division of the Oceanography Department at the University of Hawaii (UH), Manoa. In 2002 she returned to conduct experiments for her thesis "Investigation of phosphonates in oligotrophic seawater".
Presently Yvonne has accepted the position of environmental research specialist at UH, working with Eric DeCarlo. She is working on two projects in Eric's lab focusing on trace metal accumulation in the Kiawe tree (Prosopis pallida) as well as looking at trace metals in the otoliths of Red Snapper.