Mike Tomlinson received his Bachelor's Degree in Oceanography from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1973. He applied to the Graduate Oceanography Program at the University of Hawai'i in 1998 to find out what had happened in the field in the last quarter of a century (two words-A LOT!). After graduating from the UW, Mike first worked for the Washington State Department of Ecology and then for the University of Washington Department of Oceanography. In 1976, Mike started his career in environmental consulting. He has worked both in the fields of oceanography and lotic and lentic limnology (fast and slow moving, respectively, low-sodium oceanography, i.e., streams and lakes). Mike's experience with marine projects have included an assessment, of the Ekofisk-BRAVO blowout in the North Sea, a study of the impacts of offshore oil production in the north-central Gulf of Mexico, a study of benthic ecosystems on the southwest Florida continental shelf, an in situ bioassay of the effects of crude oil and dispersed crude oil on Saudi Arabian corals, plus numerous other marine and estuarine projects. Mike's freshwater experience includes a number of projects on the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and many lakes and streams in Florida, most recently the Suwannee River and Estuary. Mike currently works for Eric De Carlo on various watershed projects, a study of stormwater BMPs for the City and County of Honolulu, and on Mike's own research comparing DGT passive samplers with data obtained from discrete water samples.