I came to UH Manoa in Fall 2001 as a graduate student in the Department of Oceanography. Prior to that, I worked at Miami University (OH) as a research associate for one year. I earned a B. Phil. at Miami in May 2000. I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in philosophy and environmental science.

My main research interests are in trace element cycling and aqueous geochemistry. My M.S. research is on rare earth elements (REE) in the NW Pacific Ocean. The current study comes from the 2002 IOC cruise (, during which I spent ~35 days at sea aboard the R/V Melville. REE are interesting because they may act as a tracer for atmospheric dust deposition in the surface ocean. Dust is an important supply of Fe to the surface ocean, which is a limiting nutrient in some parts of the world, including the NW Pacific. REE concentrations also correlate with water mass distribution.

In addition to my thesis research, I study trace metal and REE cycling processes in permanently ice-covered lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. These permanently stratified lakes are relatively simple geochemical systems, and act as natural laboratories for studying redox-driven trace element cycling. I have participated in two field seasons in the dry valleys (99-00 and 00-01), each for approximately 3 weeks.

In addition to scientific research, I have also been very involved in education. As a graduate student at UH I have spent 4 semesters as a TA for OCN 201, The Science of the Sea. This has included developing a new laboratory class for OCN 201. I was the head TA for two of these semesters. In addition, I worked as a TA during summer 2002 for an immersion course in earth systems science for high school students. The class was designed for native Hawaiian and minority students and was funded by NOAA.

Outside of academia, I have an active life as well. I crew on the good ship Tiare, a 41-foot yawl which we race regularly. I also surf and juggle (sometimes both simultaneously). Before moving to Hawaii, I was an amateur musician and played several instruments in a variety of bands, including steel drums, African drums, didgeridoo, and electric bass.