waiakeakua stream

Station WK

This is the uppermost and pristine station established in the Manoa Watershed. Station WK is located about 2.5 km downstream of the watershed divide at an elevation of about 85 m. This station is located above the influence of residential areas; only a couple of small plant nurseries and a few isolated residences are located above this station. Station WK provides baseline data by which we compare the waters that flow into the rest of the Ala Wai Watershed. Using these data we can see how the chemical make-up of the stream changes as the water moves downstream.

The stream and pond of Waiakeakua have been the subject of much lore in Hawaiian culture. Translated, the name means "water provided by a god”. Servants to the chiefs would go to the pool of water at the top of the stream to collect water and bring it to their masters. Servants would call out to warn all commoners that they are coming with water from Waiakeakua so that they may prostrate themselves before this gift of the gods.

Upper Waiakeakua Stream

Measuring water quality in situ--upper Waiakeakua Stream.

Walking back down the valley after sampling the upper Waiakeakua Stream.

Looking up Waiakeakua Stream from Station WK.

Looking down Waiakeakua Stream from Station WK during a storm; discharge is about 40 cubic feet per second (cfs or about 1130 liters per second [L/s]) which is about 10 times greater than base flow conditions.