manoa stream at kanewai park

Kanewai Park (KW) is a station along the Manoa Stream where human effect on the stream ecosystem becomes much more pronounced. The site is located below Dole Street, a high vehicular traffic thoroughfare serving the University of Hawai'i. Large storm drains above this station introduce water that has run off from a much higher density urbanized portion of the Watershed. The USGS-NAWQA program and the City and County of Honolulu maintain automatic sampling equipment at this station.

Since this station is being monitored by both the USGS & C&C, we did setup a monitoring system at this station.  We do, however, sample this station quarterly and occasionally manually collect samples during storms.  The samples during storm events have shown that this site is substantially impacted.   Other photos of the site are presented below; click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo.

Looking down Manoa Stream from Station KW.  In the preceding photo the stream appeared relatively natural, i.e., unmodified; however, much of Manoa Stream is modified with either rock or concrete walls.  This section of the stream receives its name from the nearby underground pool of water.  These waters were regarded as the water of the Hawaiian god Kane.

Looking up Manoa Stream from Station KW.  Note the large storm drain (concrete culvert in center of photo).  This is one of many storm drains that carry pollutant-laden stormwater into Manoa Stream.  The unmodified portion of the stream shown in the photo above is immediately upstream of this storm drain.