manoa-palolo stream at kaimuki high school

Station KHS is the lowermost station located on Manoa-Palolo Stream. This station, in contrast with WK, is impacted by urban activities. KHS, at an elevation of 3 m above sea level, is located 8.5 km downstream of the watershed divide (about 5.8 km downstream of Station WK). Palolo Stream joins Manoa Stream about 600 m upstream of KHS; the Ala Wai Canal is 870 m downstream. Station KHS is located at the estuarine boundary and, therefore, is affected by the tides and occasionally by a salt water wedge.

Looking up Manoa-Palolo Stream at KHS; Kapiolani Boulevard is visible in the distance.  Palolo Stream joins Manoa Stream about 600 m upstream of KHS.  This portion of the stream has been extensively modified

Looking down Manoa-Palolo Stream toward the Ala Wai Canal which is about 870 m below KHS.  The Date Street bridge is just visible in the photo (center).

Manoa-Palolo Stream during storm flow conditions.  Manoa-Palolo Stream at this point can change from a relatively quiet, clear stream only about 15 - 30 cm deep to a sediment- and debris-laden torrent over 2 m deep.  The stream is tidally influenced at this point.  Our stage records, during spring tides, often show the tidal effects on water level.  In addition, the YSI conductivity probe occasionally shows that the saltwater wedge can extend as far as KHS.