rotating photos For Prospective Students

The Global Environmental Science Program is very rigorous with its chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics base curriculum, GES-specific courses, and GES research thesis experience requirements.
In general, prospective students that are ready to take both CHEM 161 and MATH 241, have already taken at least one of these two courses, or received AP credit for one of these two course are deemed ready for acceptance into the program.
Admission to the GES program is generally a two-step process:

  1. Prospective students first apply for general admission to UH Manoa through the Undergraduate Admissions Application. As part of this process, you will note your desire to also apply to the GES program. If the prospective student is accepted for general admission into UH Manoa, the applicant’s materials will then subsequently be forwarded to the GES program.
  2. Once a prospective student is accepted into UH Manoa, their application is sent by Undergraduate Admissions to the GES program. If the applicant’s academic preparations are deemed appropriate by GES, they are accepted into the GES program. If more coursework is required to properly prepare the applicant to be successful in the program, the application and entry into the program is deferred* to allow the applicant time to complete the recommended preparatory coursework.

All applications, either accepted or deferred, that reach the GES program for consideration will receive a response.
*Note: If a student is deferred entry into the GES program, they are still accepted into UH Manoa and can select another major to complete their recommended coursework required for acceptance. Those that are deferred program admittance until completion of recommended coursework are strongly advised to contact the program and set up an appointment for pre-program advisement after receiving their deferred decision.