Electron Microprobe Facility


Picture of the UH electron microprobe lab


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I recommend visiting the websites of John Fournelle, Paul Carpenter and John Donovan, but there are many others.


(1) How to make a multi-element color map (so-called "Sasha maps")

Aluminum-X-ray map Aluminum magnesium X-ray mapMagnesium
titanium X-ray mapTitanium RGB image combining aluminum, magnesium and titatium x-ray signalsThree-channel RGB map

- Open all greyscale maps in Photoshop (or equivalent software)
- Select and copy the first one
- Create new Image (with identical dimensions) in RGB mode
- Click on "Channels" and select R, G, or B
- Paste greyscale image into the chosen channel
- Repeat for other greyscale maps