Electron Microprobe Facility


Picture of the UH electron microprobe lab

Lab location: Rm 621 in POST building
Phone:  (+1) 808-956-9406
Fax: (+1) 808-956-5512

Mailing address:
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Hawaii
1680 East-West Road / POST 606
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822


JEOL Hyperprobe JXA-8500F

Technical Specifications

Spectro 1      TAP     PET    LDE1   LDE2    (Gas flow)

Spectro 2      PETH   LIFH                        (Sealed xenon)

Spectro 3      TAP     PET                         (Gas flow)

Spectro 4      PET     LIF                          (Sealed xenon)

Spectro 5      TAPH  PETH                        (Gas flow)



- Quantitative

The JEOL operating software is solid and easy to use, but we chose to do our quantitative WDS analyses using a third-party software designed by John Donovan (Probe for EPMA software). It offers unique and powerful options that we use frequently, such as non-linear background corrections for trace element analysis, and time-dependent intensity corrections for volatile elements or Na migration.


- Mapping

X-ray distribution maps we have been acquiring with the JEOL software. In future, as the newly developed Probe Image software continues to improve, we may switch.