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Sketch showing electron-solid interaction, illustrating signals used during electron microprobe analysis


ERTH 621 Electron Microprobe Analysis (2 credits) - offered in Fall Semester

This is a graduate level course that is required for all users of the electron microprobe. It has a theoretical part and a lab part. The theoretical part deals with the theory of electron-solid interaction, components of the probe, quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as the various pitfalls. The hands-on part teaches how to become an autonomous user of the electron microprobe facility, including sample preparation, sample change, imaging and mapping and setting up a quantitative analysis from scratch. There is a theoretical test and a 1-day project at the end of the semester, where the student demonstrates the capability of obtaining high-quality data without damaging the probe, sample and lab manager.

In order to sign up for this course, you may need an override. Please send me an email requesting approval, and cc Lily Shao with your UH id# and the CRN.


ERTH 699 Advanced Electron Microprobe Analysis - every other Fall Semester (or as needed)

In this course, we'll cover advanced topics, such as low-accelerating voltage analysis for submicron particles, non-linear background corrections, time-dependent intensity variation (e.g. drop in Na countrate), secondary fluorescence corrections, and other topics upon request.


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