Electron Microprobe Facility - Projects

Most UH microprobe users work in HIGP and GG. That means that we see a lot of meteorites, volcanic rocks and related experimentally produced materials. We also work with researchers from Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences on applied projects, as well as local and mainland companies who take advantage of our capability to image and analyze at extremely high magnification.

Here are a few examples of our research:

1. Meteorites, Mars and Moon

(Jeff Gillis-Davis, Gary Huss, Sasha Krot, Klaus Keil, Kazu Nagashima, Ed Scott, Shiv Sharma, Jeff Taylor, and co-workers)

Multi-element X-ray map of a meteorite

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2. Volcanic Processes

(Bruce Houghton, Mike Garcia, Julia Hammer, Eric Hellebrand, Ken Rubin, Thomas Shea, John Sinton, Benoit Welsch and co-workers)

Phosphorus X-ray distribution map of olivine

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3. The Earth's Mantle and Lower Oceanic Crust

(Przemek Dera, Kevin Johnson, Eric Hellebrand, Jasper Konter, Murli Manghnani and co-workers)

X-ray distribution map of the contact between an olivine-rich troctolite (left) and a gabbro (lower right)

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4. Climate-related processes

(Henrietta Dulai, Chip Fletcher, Craig Glenn, Ken Rubin and co-workers)

Secondary electron image of manganese oxide precipatated on forams

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