SOEST Electron Microprobe Facility


JEOL Hyperprobe JXA-8500F

POST Building Room 621


The new electron microprobe at the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology is a state-of-the-art instrument.


What it can do:


The JEOL Hyperprobe replaces a Cameca SX-50 electron microprobe. Installation was completed in Fall 2008.




Sp1      TAP     PET     LDE1   LDE2   (Gas flow)

Sp2      PETH   LIFH                            (Xe)

Sp3      TAP     PET                             (Gas flow)

Sp4      PET     LIF                              (Xe)

Sp5      TAPH  PETH                           (Gas flow)








(a) BSE image of a chromite-hosted multiphase melt inclusion from an ocean floor dunite. (b) Simultaneously acquired Al and (c) Mg distribution of this crystallized melt inclusion. Low abundance in black-blue, high abundance in orange-red.


Field of view is 30 microns.



More information available on request.



Dr. Eric Hellebrand

(808) 956-6193


Dr. Michael Garcia

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EH 12/2008