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Professor, 7/06—Current, University of Hawaii

Professor, 12/03—6/06, Florida State University

Professor, 7/01—11/03, University of Hawaii

Associate Professor, 7/97—6/01

Assistant Professor, 2/93—6/97

Senior fellow, JIMAR. 7/1997—Current

Visiting Scientist, Institute of Marine Research, Kiel, Germany, 6-7/02

Visiting Associate Professor, CCSR, University of Tokyo, 3-8/00.

Guest investigator, Dept. of Physical Oceanography, WOHI, 12/99-2/00.

Visiting Scientist, MPI, Hamburg, Germany, 8/11/99

Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Atmos. Sciences., UCLA, 4-7/97.

Assistant Research Scientist, Dept. of Atmos. Sci., UCLA, 5/90–2/93.

Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Atmos. Sciences., UCLA, 9/88-4/90.

Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Meteor., Univ. of Reading, UK., 9/ 87-8/88.

Lecturer, Graduate School, Academia Sinica, PRC, 3/87-7/87.

Assistant Researcher, Inst. of Atmos. Phy., Academia Sinica, PRC, 1/86-8/87.


Ph.D., 1985, Atmospheric Dynamics, Academia Sinica, Beijing, PRC.

B.S., 1982, Meteorology, Nanjing Inst. of Meteor., Nanjing, PRC.


a) Research Activity

Research interests cover a broad range topics on the dynamics of large-scale atmosphere and ocean circulations as well as the climate variability, such as dynamics of ENSO (El Niño-Southern Oscillation), dynamics for climate variability in the extratropical atmospheric circulation, low-frequency modes of tropical ocean, dynamics of ocean gyre circulation, atmospheric teleconnection, theories for Pacific decadal variability etc. The primary research activity has been focused on two areas: (i) understanding the dynamics of ENSO, (ii) the dynamics for climate variability in the extratropical atmospheric circulation and (iii) dynamics global warming.

b) Academic Services

In addition to the academic service within University of Hawaii, services to the research community at large include serving as one of co-conveners of sessions in EGU (2003-2008) and AGU (2008), and serving as AMS air-sea interaction committee (2004-2009), reviewing manuscripts from various journal in the field and proposals for national agencies in the relevant fields, serving as co-chair for Science Advisory Committee of Open Lab of Nation Climate Center of China.  

c) Awards and Fellowships

2003: JSPS Fellowship, Japan Soc. For the Promotion of Sci. Japan.

1987: Royal Society Queen's Fellowship (for Chinese) of U. K.

1986: Beijing Excellent Young Scientist Award, PRC.