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Curriculum Vita

Dr. Atkinson is a Professor at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, School of Ocean Earth Science and Technology. His major research interest is the biogeochemistry of coral reefs, mainly the uptake and cycling of inorganic nutrients and their relationship to carbon production and calcification. Biogeochemical cycles are strongly influenced by water motion and distribution of different bottom communities, so his studies also include studies of  water flow  and remotes sensing of coral reefs. He is also interested in chemistries of novel compounds such as steroid hormones. His research requires design and maintenance of a variety of mesocosms, including three large flumes at Coconut Island, the Biosphere Ocean and a variety of small experimental aquaria. His field research is mainly conducted on the Barrier reef in Kane'ohe Bay, Hawaii, but his group has visited reefs throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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