Hoʻomānalowai – STEM Student and Teacher Preparation Program

Program Information

This program provides scholarship and academic support to undergraduate students at six Native Hawaiian-serving UH campuses on Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island.  This program services Native Hawaiian students with an interest in becoming a scientist, engineer, teacher, or other STEM professional and those with an interest in teaching science or mathematics in the NH community.

Support is provided through: training stipends, scholarships, and direct support (internship funding and travel support to conferences).

Support services are designed to encourage students to continue and elevate their studies in the STEM fields: freshman learning communities, tutoring for gateway STEM courses; mandatory advising, professional development workshops, STEM focused workshops, and STEM travel, presentation, and educational awards.


Kelli Ching, (808) 956-7945, chingkl@hawaii.edu