Has our lab been invaded by Jake and Elwood Blues?

No... Its merely the first field installation of a WARP Secondary filter during Dec 1995 to Feb 1996. The notorious looking fellows are Zenon Palacz (left) and Brian Moss (right) from Micromass (formerly known as VG Isotech).

So, how does this WARP filter perform?

After 1.5 years of experimentation with the device, our results are mixed but mostly positive.

*The WARP filter has improved abundance sensitivity of our instrument realtive to its performance with a 30 cm ESA by a factor of about 20. Presently, the abundance sensitivity at mass 237 relative to mass 238 is about 15 ppb, whereas previously it was 300 pbb. The WARP has made a clear improvement over the ESA setup.

*Daly-Faraday Gain stability is a more complicated issue: pure static measurements using the Daly collector are not possible for a variety of elements (using standard loading techniques) due to instabilities in transmission through this device related to coupling between source phenomena and the WARP lens potentials. We have developed work-arounds for our elements of interest, with the only sacrifice in analytical quality relative to our ESA being for Th. We are happy to discuss these details with individuals or laboratories considering fitting this device onto their insturments.


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