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Course Syllabus
Instructor: Ken Rubin
    Office: POST 606E; Office hrs: tba
    Phone: x68973

Spring  '18 GG425 Schedule

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Readings note: Ken will provide 6th Ed review chapters noted below for weeks 2 and 4
Week Lecture Topic Reading
1 1,2

Intro: Environmental Science & Environmental Geochemistry; Global environmental systems: the hydrologic and elemental cycles. Motions of the atmosphere and hydrosphere

note: see self study Chem 161/162 review pack - Aquatic Chemistry, inorganic substances, acids-bases, solubility, complexes;

Ch 1, 16 (especially 16.1-16.5)
2 3,4

Putting the hydrosphere and its processes in chemical perspective;
homework #1, due 25 Jan

Ch 2
review 7th Ed. Ch 28
download from Laulima, under "additional reading"
3 5,6

More Aquatic Chemistry: redox review, redox ladder, environmental poising; Aquatic Microbial Biochemistry, microbial role in nutrient cycling

Ch 3. 4
4 7,8 organic chem. intro, microbial biochemistry and transformations to organic matter
Ch 5, 21, 7th Ed Ch 29
download from Laulima, under "additional reading"
5 9,10 no in-class meetings this week. download powerpoint shows with audio from Laulima
BOD, OM and nutrient loading in the hydrosphere.
better resolution version of N-P tables from Lect9
Ch 4
6 11,12 no in-class meetings this week. download powerpoint shows with audio from Laulima
Particle-Aqueous Solute Interactions and Case Studies from Estuarine and near Shore Marine Environments.
Ch 4
7 12.5,13 12.5 is 9-12 review; 13 is Weathering and soil formation; partial soil classification figures: soil orders, soil classification table, soil climate figure Ch 14,15
8 14,15 agricultural soils; soil contaminants/remediation (Tue) Mass transfer phenomena (Th); Ch 14
9 16,17 groundwater (Tu); Groundwater pollution: organic contaminants, remediation methods (Th)Homework #2 assigned on tuesday, due next thursday. Ch 15
10 18,19 Toxicology and Fresh/salt Water pollution: Heavy Metals
Take Home MIDTERM EXAM given out thurday (via Laulima), due by next thursday.
Ch 6, Ch 19.11-19.14, Ch 22.1-22.5
11 20-21 Drinking Water treatment; Sewage and wastewater
Ch 7
off   spring break: enjoy  
12 22,23 Atmospheric chemistry;; Atmospheric pollutants: halocarbons and stratospheric ozone; Ch 8, 10
13 24,25 Atmospheric pollutants: photochemical smog, acid rain; Greenhouse gasses and Global Climate: Past, Present and Future; Lecture 24 is self paced - download powerpoint shows with audio from Laulima Ch 13, 14
14 26,27 Energy, technology and resources; #3 assigned on tuesday, due next thursday.
final paper assignment
Ch 17, 18
15 28,29 Radioactivity: General review, uses, hazards, environmental issues none
16 30 Radioactive materials case studies: a. Depleted Uranium; b. Sr-90/Y-90 (time pending) none

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