Chemical Spills

A. Elements of Response

1. Assist people first

2. Control the work area, if necessary lock the lab AFTER all persons have been successfully evacuated.

a. apply a clear warning sign to the main door of the lab.

3. Seek assistance from:

a. principal investigator/laboratory instructor

b. lab coordinator

c. Chemical Hygiene Officer

d. Office of Environmental Health & Safety

4. Monitor personnel including gloves, feet and clothing; begin personnel decontamination

5. Decontaminate the work area

B. Containment

1. Use appropriate materials (Spill Kits) to neutralize reagent

2. Absorb liquids using paper towelling, vermiculite etc.

3. Work the spill from the perimeter toward the middle to reduce further contamination of area

4. Collect used spill kit material and absorbents into waste bag

5. Mark spill waste appropriately

6. Report ANY significant spill to the laboratory supervisor.

7. Report large or hazardous chemical spills to Office of Environmental Health and the departmental Chemical hygiene Officer

C. Reagent spill kits

1. base

2. acid

3. organic

4. mercury spill kit