MSDS for the Isotope Lab and POST 6th floor Chemistry Labs

This is a list made up from the Isotope Lab (HIG104 and POST647/638/604), plus a few things in Don Thomas' Lab. It should also cover the ICP-MS and the General Geochem labs (POST 630 and 632) but if anything is missing, let Ken know.

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Acids Other Stuff Organic Solvents
Boric acid (powder) Barium Carbonate Acetone
Glacial acetic acid ethylene glycol Dichloromethane
Hydrobromic Acid Graphite Ethanol (anhydrous)
Hydrochloric Acid Hydrogen Peroxide, 30% hexanes
Hydrofluric Acid Hydroxylamine hydrochloride Isopropyl Alcohol
2-methyllactic acid (2-hydroisobutyric acid) Phenolphthalein Isopropyl ether
Nitric Acid Phosphorus pentoxide Methanol
Oxalic acid scintiverse Toluene
Phosphoric Acid Silica gel 1,2,4 trichlorobenzene
Sulfuric Acid Sodium Citrate dihydrate
Bases Siver nitrate Inorganic Solvents
Ammonium Hydroxide Sodium oxalate Dihydrogen monoxide
Sodium Hydroxide Silicon tetrachloride

Other useful info

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