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The Committee on Education and Human Resources (CEHR) is charged with engaging AGU in existing or new programs that will improve science education at all levels - for students, established science and engineering professionals, and the lay-public. CEHR shall explore ways to recruit and retain the best students in the geophysical sciences and undertake activities that aid in understanding trends in the employment of geophysicists. The ultimate goal is to increase public understanding of the Earth & Space sciences, and foster appreciation for their relevence to our daily lives.

  • What's New upcoming CEHR event
  • Education resources & opportunities for teachers, reports on science education reform, AGU education award
  • Human Resources job opportunities & job hunting strategies, employment trends in Earth & Space sciences
  • Student Opportunities summer internships, REUs
  • Cool Science Links web resources, science fairs, public science events
  • Committee Info membership, contacts, links to AGU section education committees

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