JIMAR Administration

JIMAR Administration is comprised of the JIMAR Director, as well as management and administrative support staff. JIMAR Administration provides administrative services in the areas of project/grants administration, personnel, procurement, travel, and property management. JIMAR Administration is also responsible for ensuring compliance with institutional policies and procedures, as well as award terms and conditions.


Name Email Address Office Phone No.
Dr. Douglas Luther dluther@hawaii.edu MSB 434A 956-5875
Dr. Jeffrey Hare jhare@hawaii.edu IRC 725-5332
Deputy Director for PIFSC Projects
Overall matters related to the management of JIMAR projects and employees at PIFSC.
Kevin Higaki khigaki@hawaii.edu MSB 312 956-7729
Assistant Director for Administration
Overall Program management, Administrative services and operational matters, Funding agency relations, Program-level policy, Non-standard requests/policy interpretation for personnel matters, Procurement, Direct payments/cash reimbursements, Procurement cards, Employee performance issues.
Blanche Kaiura bkaiura@soest.hawaii.edu MSB 312 956-4100
Senior Program/Administrative Services Manager
Travel advances (approval), Proposals, Advance account requests, Subcontracts, Services contracts, Post-award actions/reporting, Vessel charters, Insurance matters, Non-standard requests/policy interpretation for travel and non-employee reimbursements (including visiting scientists).
Shannon Fong shannon.fong@noaa.gov IRC 725-5492
Purchasing, Payments, Reimbursements, Travel, Mileage reimbursements for JIMAR projects and employees at PIFSC (CRED and EOD)
Michelle Han mshahn@hawaii.edu MSB 316 956-4705
Payroll/Timesheets, Leave balances (vacation, sick, ATS), Accident reporting/Workers compensation, UH graduate assistants, Student employment.
Dodie Lau lau@hawaii.edu MSB 313
Support to Deputy Director, Meeting/conference coordination, UH IACUC and IRB/CHS matters, JIMAR website, Non-Employee visiting scientist arrangements for PIFSC projects, Fedex shipments, and Special projects.
Betsey Oberacker betsey.oberacker@hawaii.edu MSB 312 956-8084
Purchasing, Payments, Reimbursements, Travel, Mileage reimbursements, and Visiting scientist arrangements for Manoa and other off-campus (non-PIFSC) JIMAR projects and employees. PO distribution to vendors, Check distribution, Accounts payable, and Vendor payments.
Marcia Oshiro marciao@hawaii.edu MSB 312 956-2899
Account balances, Advance and new account set-ups, Proposal preparation assistance, Subcontract and services contract preparation assistance, Subcontract/services contract payments.
Marie Shimomura mshimomu@hawaii.edu MSB 312 956-4108
Budget status reports, Account balances, Expenditure projections, JIMAR-wide project equipment inventory and property management.
Ashley Uyehara ashley.uyehara@noaa.gov IRC 725-5435
Purchasing, Payments, Reimbursements, Travel, Mileage reimbursements for JIMAR projects and employees at PIFSC (All divisions except for CRED and EOD).
Nicole Wakazuru-Yoza nwakazur@hawaii.edu MSB 316 956-9465
Recruitments, Selections, Position descriptions, Reclassifications, Temporary hires, Accident reporting/Workers compensation, Annual performance evaluations, Tuition reimbursement, General personnel policy questions/guidance (including AWS, Telework, ATS/DC, Performance Awards).


Click here for JIMAR Administrative Staff assignments by area (PDF, updated 07-17-17).

Area code is 808 for all phones and faxes.
JIMAR Administration fax is 956-4104. JIMAR Administrative staff at PIFSC/IRC, fax is 725-5475.
PIFSC/IRC = Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center/Inouye Regional Center
MSB = Marine Science Building (1000 Pope Road, Honolulu, HI 96822)

Full mailing address for JIMAR admin staff at IRC:
(Staff name)
NMFS/PIFSC/JDDO/(Staff name)
1845 Wasp Blvd, Bldg 176
Honolulu, HI 96818


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