GMT Mailing Lists, Forums, and Bug Reporting

The old gmt-help mailinglist was shut down in September 2014 as we now maintain a discussion forum on the main GMT site. There remains one electronic mailing list available for users to subscribe to:
  1. is a one-way street for us to notify users when a new version has been released. No user can post to this list. Please subscribe to this list if you ONLY want email when a new version is available.
To add yourself to this mailinglist (maintained by the listserv program), send email to with a one-line message. E.g., if your name is John Smith then send

subscribe gmt-group John Smith

Listserv automatically obtains your email address. To unsubscribe, send

signoff gmt-group


To report bugs see the GMT 4 Bugs page.

To browse previously posted messages to now-defunct gmt-help list, please visit the official GMT 4 Mailing List Archive. gmt-help is also available as a read-only netnews group via NNTP as gis.gmtlist at server

Occasionally, a frustrated new GMT user will convince him/herself that their work is of paramount importance and hence they feel justified in digging up our phone numbers and calling us directly to get personal attention to their vexing problem. Please don't even think about doing this unless you are prepared to pay our standard consulting fee of USD 300 per hour and endure insults that would make hardened C-programmers blush...