Examples of GMT output

Each of the 30 examples in the GMT Technical Reference and Cookbook may be viewed individually by clicking on the desired example. The images are reduced to speed up transmission; clicking on these images will open up a more detailed image. You will also have the option of viewing the responsible GMT script and download the complete PostScript illustration.
  1. Contour map of global data set.
  2. Color images of gridded data.
  3. Spectral comparisons and x-y plots.
  4. 3-D perspective, mesh-line surface
  5. 3-D perspective, artificially illuminated grayshaded image.
  6. Two types of histograms.
  7. A typical location map.
  8. A 3-D bar graph.
  9. Time/space-series plotted along tracks.
  10. Superposition of 3-D bargraph and map.
  11. The RGB color cube.
  12. Delaunay triangulation, contouring, and imaging.
  13. Plotting of vector fields.
  14. Gridding, contouring, and trend surfaces.
  15. Gridding with missing data.
  16. More gridding options.
  17. Blending images using clipping.
  18. Volumes and spatial selections.
  19. GMT color patterns
  20. Extending GMT with custom symbols.
  21. Demonstrating time-series annotations.
  22. Map legend for global seismicity plot.
  23. Spherical distances on the Earth.
  24. Geospatial filtering of data.
  25. Global distribution of antipodes.
  26. General vertical perspective projection.
  27. Plotting Sandwell/Smith Mercator grids.
  28. Mixing UTM and geographic data.
  29. Spherical surface gridding using Green's functions.
  30. A simple math graph with curved arrow.