('how's it going! ) is a friendly way folks in Hawaii greet one another.

"Aloha" is the formal greeting in Hawaiian and in Guam people say "Hafa Adai."

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Here are some of the questions already asked along with the responses from various members of the crew.


Updates from Travel Ann and Soupy!

Easter Portraits


Travel Ann: a fabric globe trotter!

Meet Travel Ann!

Travel Ann is a visitor from the Netherlands. She has traveled all over the world visiting folks and sharing her adventures with friends.

This will be the first time she goes on a marine geology research cruise though. She is very excited. People from her homeland are well experienced with sea-faring. Holland is not only famous for dikes, cute wooden shoes, tulips and windmills, but also for ship-building and for its fishing industry. So Ann is no stranger to ships!!

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Soupy Sails!

This is Soupy, a Mariana fruit bat, he decided to join us for our cruise. He is a native of Guam, but things have been getting difficult for him and his family. The problem is that the residents of Guam and of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands find fruit bats to be a very desirable delicacy. In fact, they have become so desirable that some years ago Soupy and his relatives were declared an endangered species. Fortunately, this eased the pressure a bit and Soupy's relatives have been able to increase the family group to the point that they have been taken off the endangered species list. They are now a "threatened" species.

Soupy the Fruit Bat with some Fruit!

In addition to dangers from hungry people, Soupy and his family have to worry about some nightmarish threats. They don't always get a good night's sleep hanging around in fruit trees because of some slithery neighbors who are mostly there looking for a tasty treat from a bird nest. If, however, a baby bat is hanging there all cozy and warm, these critters wouldn't mind a little change in diet!

"Fruit bat soup" is not on the menu on our ship, so Soupy thought he'd take a vacation from dodging bullets and avoiding tree snakes for a few weeks. We can't wait to see what he thinks of his first look at the sea floor.

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