Tales of Travel Ann and Soupy


"I wish I was a bunny"

"What are you mumbling about?" asked Ann.

"Oh nothing," moped Soupy, “I'm just having an identity crisis"

"We'll talk about it later, right now sit up and smile at the camera. After all this is our formal Easter portrait."

"I can't smile, I'm a fruit bat."

"Well at least sit up then." said Ann.

"I bet bunnies can smile” continued Soupy.

"OK," said Ann, giving up on the portraits for the time being, "why do you want to be a bunny?"

"Because it's Easter, and everyone loves bunnies at Easter. They bring eggs, and things."

"Well so can you Soupy."

"No I can't, I'm a fruit bat. No one has ever heard of the Easter Fruit Bat! When you go to the store, you don't ever see a chocolate fruit bat on display."

"No, I can't say I have ever seen a chocolate fruit bat in a store" said Ann "but that doesn't mean that people don't love you. Nor does it mean that you can't hide Easter eggs for the everyone on the ship."

"Yes, it does. Everyone knows it's a bunny that brings the eggs."

"Soupy, think about it. Do bunnies normally lay eggs? No. Chickens lay eggs, but on one Easter long ago, a very caring and industrious little bunny decided that he wanted to do something for his friends, and brought them some chocolate Easter eggs. Now if he was as negative as you are right now, he would have stayed home and never brought joy to everyone."

"Those bunnies always think of things first," said Soupy gloomily. SNAP, went the flash on the camera for the first picture.

"Ok Soupy" chastised Ann, "you have a wonderful outfit on, and these portraits will be sent to all of our families, and loved ones..." suddenly Ann stopped, stood up and walked out of the room. Soupy was a bit worried that Ann was really angry this time because he was spoiling her portraits. 'Ann never gets angry' thought Soupy 'sure she gets annoyed with me but not angry. That's what I like about her, she's patient. Oooh, I really hope I didn’t cross her this time.'


"Whoa!" jumped Soupy. He hadn't noticed that Ann had come back into the room.

"Soupy, you are what you are, and both you and I have to accept it. So I came up with an idea... a present actually."

"A present?" asked Soupy excitedly.

"Yes, and here it is. It's a fruit hat that I picked up along my travels, and was waiting for the right occasion to wear, and well, I think it will look better on you this time." said Ann displaying the splendid hat covered in a variety of fruit.

"Oh Ann," said Soupy in amazement, "it's so wonderful... it's so... so... fruity!"

"Yes it is Soupy. It's very fruity, and it's for you to wear on this special day."

Soupy proudly put on his new hat, sat up, and tried to smile as best as a fruit bat can. SNAP!


Later that day, after a successful portrait session, Ann and Soupy were busy wrapping chocolate Easter eggs for the scientists and crew aboard the ship.

"OK, Soupy" said Ann "help me wrap the last of these eggs."

"Soupy?" asked Ann, noticing she was by herself. "Souuuupeeee," she called out, but Soupy was gone. 'These fruit bats,' she thought to herself. 'As soon as you need to get some work done, they disappear. Well he is what he is.' and she continued wrapping the eggs.

A few minutes later she heard a little voice go "psssst." She turned around and found the voice came from underneath mound of wrapping. "Soupy, why are you hiding under the wrapping?" she asked.

"I wanted to ask you a question, Ann."

"Alright, what is your question."

"I am what I am, right, Ann?"

"Yes you are Soupy."

"And I've decided that I like being a fruit bat."

"That's very good, Soupy."

But sometimes people dress up on special occasions like we did for the portraits."

"Yes they do Soupy." said Ann, not sure what he was leading to.

"And sometimes on special occasions people dress up in costumes."

"Yes, they do."

"Well," continued Soupy, "I figured that since there are no bunnies aboard the ship, and we are going to hide chocolate Easter eggs for the crew, that maybe one of us should dress up."

"You dressed up as a bunny?" asked Ann.

"Yeah." said Soupy shyly. "You're not angry are you?"

"Of course not, Soupy, come out and let me see you."

After some shuffling, Soupy came up from underneath the mound of wrapping. He had long pink ears coming up from his head, a little white bunny tail, and two little buck teeth, that made him even cuter.

"Oh Soupy" said Ann "You are what you are, and I think you are wonderful!"

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