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Teacher at Sea log for October 8th, 2007 by Linda Sciaroni

To the web watchers, thank you for reading your way through our journey. Please check back with the site after December 1st. I will be updating the education section with labs and activities using the data charts we have collected. I will also be posting the lessons that were shared as part of the outreach activities following this cruise. We have had twenty-three teachers following this cruise from Kauai and the next part of my journey is to figure out how communicate this world I have enjoyed to the children of Kauai. The flier for the Family Science Night is on the site. Everyone is welcome to come.

I am absolutely grateful from the depths of my heart for the amazing month I have had. Thank you to the crew of the Kilo Moana for opening up their hearts and their life paths to the children of Kauai who have been following my journey.

Thank you to Garrett and Mike for hiring a neighbor island teacher to provide the outreach for this cruise. Thank you to Todd and Tara for your support and making me look good with your editing and page creations. Thanks to Mike, Garrett, Denny, Karen, Terry, Chuck, Dominique, and especially Claudius for mentoring me with your science knowledge. These scientists are the real deal --- volcano watchers, deep-sea explorers, and articulate, deep thinkers. Watching and listening as they debate with furrowed brows has been an awesome privilege. To the Jason Crew - my hat's off to you. You make one of humanities greatest engineering challenges look like just another day at work.

Finally, I must thank my children Marisol and Thomas for bravely doing so well, so that I could have this grand adventure. I am so proud of how you two have handled yourselves. Mucho Mahalos to my loving extended family of my husband, cousins, and compadres who made sure the kids were safe and got plenty of hugs. I feel changed and renewed by this adventure. Now I am ready to go home to my family and my students at Waimea Canyon School. Aloha.


I'll miss this view Honolulu Harbor





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