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Student Research

The Coastal Geology Group is involved in several areas of scientific research on several islands. These areas include reef accretion history off the south coast of Molokai, historical shoreline and volumetric beach change at Kaanapali, Maui and Waikiki, Oahu, and historical shoreline analysis along the entire southwest, west and north coasts of Maui using soft copy ortho-photogrammetric techniques.

Explore our research:

Brad Romine - The Oahu Shoreline Study, Part 1: Methods and Results of Shoreline Change Analysis, Southeast Oahu, Hawaii. Poster Presentation
Sean Vitousek - Shoreline Change in Response to Extreme Tides and Alongshore Forcing Modeled by Delft3D.   Presentation
Ayesha Genz - Predictive Accuracy of Shoreline Change Rate Methods and Alongshore Beach Variation on Maui, Hawaii. Poster Presentation
Christopher Conger - Identification and Spatial Distribution of Remotely Sensed on Fringing Reefs of Oahu, Hawaii. Poster Presentation
Mary Engels - Holocene Reef Accretion, Southwest Molokai, Hawaii.   Presentation
John Rooney - Shoreline change along the Kihei coast of Maui.   Presentation
Tara Miller - Waikiki - Analysis of an Engineered Shoreline.   Presentation
Dolan Eversole - Large-Scale Beach Change Kaanapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii.   Presentation
Zoe Norcross - Sand Fluctuations at Kailua Beach: Unusual Behavior in the Face of Rising Sea Level.   Presentation
Eric Grossman - Holocene sea level history and reef development in Hawaii and the equatorial Pacific Ocean.   Presentation
Ebitari Isoun - A Remote Sensing Study of Coral Reefs; Kailua Bay, Oahu.   Presentation
Jodi N. Harney - Sediment budget of Kailua Bay.   Presentation