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About Us

The Coastal Geology Group is an affiliation of researchers, technicians, and graduate students within the Department of Geology and Geophysics that conduct investigations of shoreline change, carbonate geology, reef geology, sedimentology and coastal morphodynamics. In the belief that many minds are better than one, we make it a goal to assist one another in our research projects. In so doing we expand our horizons, acquire new skills and life becomes more interesting with a diversity of field and laboratory experiences. In general, we seek to improve our understanding of coastal change through time. This requires research investigation on a range of spatial and temporal scales.

The Team

Current members of the group and their research focus include:

Chip's picture

Chip Fletcher leads the Coastal Geology Group, advising the research efforts of students, technicians, and post-doctoral researchers. Chip maintains important professional ties with federal, state, and county agencies and continues his research in coastal hazards, shoreline evolution, paleoenvironmental history, and climate change. He is also active in the national and international scientific community where he collaborates on investigations of coastal sedimentology and stratigraphy, Quaternary geology of carbonate systems, and sea-level studies.


phone: 808-956-2582    Faculty Profile

Matthew Barbee

Matthew Barbee, a cartographer, GIS and remote sensing specialist develops methods and workflows to fulfill research project goals around the Pacific Basin. He also trains students in data management, data processing and field data collection and manages the group's website. He also creates maps and graphics for science publications and websites.


phone: 808-956-6754


Brad Romine received his Phd in Geology from the University of Hawaii SOEST and currently works with the Hawaii State DLNR-OCCL, UH Sea Grant and the Coastal Geology Group as a Coastal Geologist.


phone: 808-587-0049



Tiffany Anderson, received her Phd in Geology from the University of Hawaii SOEST and is a post-doctoral researcher with the Coastal Geology Geology in SOEST. Tiffany is examining shoreline response to sea level rise and short term shoreline varibility in long term shoreline change methods.


phone: 808-956-3259


Haunane Kane

Haunane Kane is an MS candidate in Coastal Geology at the University of Hawaii.  Haunani is currently assisting the Coastal Geology group by investigating the spatial and temporal effects that sea-level rise may have upon wetlands and other coastal ecosystems.  This analysis is done through DEM building, inundation mapping, and the use of a local relative model of SLR.  As an undergraduate, Haunani assessed the vulnerability of cultural assets due to erosion using shoreline trend techniques.


phone: 808-956-3605

Shellie Habel

Shellie Habel is a MS student in Coastal Geology at the University of Hawaii. Shellie is currently studying sediment migration in Waikiki using field collected spot elevation survey data and spatial interpolation to construct DEMs to better understand change over time and inform resource management decision-making. Shellie received her BS in Geology from UH SOEST in the spring of 2013.


phone: 808-956-3605