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Shoreline Imagery for Molokai:

Georeferenced NOAA/NOS Aerial Photography by Pacific Disaster Center(PDC) - Readme

molokai_east_01 molokai_east_02 molokai_east_03 molokai_east_04 molokai_east_05 molokai_kalaupapa molokai_north_01 molokai_north_02 molokai_north_03 molokai_north_04 molokai_north_05 molokai_north_06 molokai_north_07 molokai_north_08 molokai_south_01 molokai_south_02 molokai_south_03 molokai_south_04 molokai_south_05 molokai_south_07 molokai_south_06 molokai_south_08 molokai_south_09 molokai_south_10 molokai_sw_01 molokai_sw_02 molokai_west_01 molokai_west_02 molokai_west_03 molokai_west_04 molokai_west_05

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