Why and how was the wiki created?

The wiki was created as a Master’s project in the Learning Design and Technology Department, College of Education. It has been documented in UH Scholar Space. Below is an eight-minute cognitive walk-through of the project:

The project was presented at the Teaching, Colleges & Community (TCC) 2021 conference:

Here are the slides for the presentation.

There is also a paper on the project:

Abstract: The purpose of this web design project and usability study is to improve the process of obtaining technical resources and assistance for the faculty, students, researchers, and staff of the Atmospheric Sciences Department of UH Manoa. The researcher, an IT Specialist and the maintainer of the Departmental website, designed and implemented the technology wiki that provides the needed information. A wiki is a specialized collection of web pages that serves as a valuable tool to support the learning community and learning organizations. The wiki contains a knowledgebase of information about technical resources available to the Atmospheric Sciences Department. The wiki knowledgebase grows organically with input from the members of the Department and the curation of the IT Specialist. The wiki is a repository of institutional knowledge for the Atmospheric Sciences Department. The project leans heavily on asynchronous and multimedia learning theory. The wiki was evaluated by a usability study to determine its effectiveness and suggest improvements. The participants in the usability study were members of the Atmospheric Sciences Department. They responded to a usability survey and participated in usability interviews that found the wiki to be useful, helpful, and easy to navigate. Forty percent of the survey respondents said they felt less frustrated and/or confused about obtaining technical resources because the wiki is now available.

Why and how was the wiki created?

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