My computer doesn’t respond to the keyboard or the mouse. What should I do?

This type of problem can usually be resolved by the user herself. Take a step-by-step approach. The first step is to verify that the computer is receiving electrical power.

Is the power indicator light on? Verify that it is “on” for the system unit and display. If not, turn the power switch off and on again. Check that both the system unit and display are plugged into electrical outlets and that the power cables are firmly seated on both ends. Try the switch again. Test the electrical outlet(s) to verify that they work.

If the computer and display are receiving electrical power, but they are still unresponsive, check that the keyboard and mouse are plugged firmly into the system unit. Also check that the display signal cable is firmly plugged into both the display and the computer. Some computers have more than one display port into which the signal cable could fit. Make sure it is in the correct one.

If there is still no response, try a hard reset. This involves turning the computer off and unplugging the power cable from the back of the computer. Wait twenty seconds. This will allow the capacitors in the computer’s power supply to completely discharge. After 20 seconds, reconnect the power cable and turn the computer on again.

Sometimes a computer will “crash,” that is, stop working with the cursor or mouse pointer just sitting there, perhaps blinking. The hard reset might get it working again.

If the computer is still unresponsive, call the IT Specialist for assistance at (808) 956-2568 or contact him via email at ‘’.

My computer doesn’t respond to the keyboard or the mouse. What should I do?

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