Combined BS+MS

Starting Fall 2020, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences offers a Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s (BAM) pathway degree which can be completed in 5 years.

The new combined BS+MS program in Atmospheric Sciences requires a total of 152 combined credits. Of these, seven (7) will be double-counted toward both degrees: ATMO 600 (3 credits) and ATMO 412 or 416 (4 credits).

Students must pass the gateway class ATMO 303 (Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics) with a grade of B or higher to be eligible to apply to the program. Students with cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher may apply to the BS+MS program in the form of early admission after their fifth semester (Junior year), by submitting the same application documents as applicants to the regular MS program. Early admission to the MS program occurs in the senior year. Double-counted courses must be taken after admission to the program. If a student fails to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher after admission, they will be removed from the MS program and will be allowed to graduate with a BS degree upon completion of the BS requirements.

Students may choose to complete the BAM degree in either Plan A (with thesis) or Plan B (without thesis) options. Sample 5-year plans can be found here.

Students admitted in the BAM pathway need to adhere to the requirements for both the BS and MS degree as described in Undergraduate Program Details and Information for Prospective Graduate Students, and can double-count 7 credits as described in the 5-year plan.

Students currently in their Junior year can apply for early admission to the MS program.
For more information, contact Professor Christina Karamperidou at ckaramp <at>