Alvin Dive 3365 - 26 Feb. 1999

R. Batiza (port obs.), John Sinton (stbd obs.), and Bob Waters (pilot)
R. Batiza Transcript



0820 15 commenced dive
0835 665 308 x=2042, y=-1568; target 39m on 342
0847 1044 172 about to do 360 spin for mag
0848 x=2063, y=-1595, 73m on 333
0918 2012 323 x=2106, y=-1617, 116m on 319
0934 2568 301 x=2040, y=-1568, 40m on 346 to target, almost to bottom
EC (port) frame count is 454, stbd- 003, start with port side camera
0936 2603 A-18m (total D-2621m); trimming.
0942 2605 301 A-16m, 45m to target on 094.
0945 2617 084 bottom is pretty old P, age about 2.
0947 2621 298 on P, near WP-1, will head uphill (to west) to WP-2. large 1-2m P, with many buds. Much sediment in lows and on surfaces.
0949 2622 270 EC going, took HH photos of bottom. stopped sampling.
0952 2620 301 stopped sampling.
0953 2620 290 slope is 10-15° (pretty steep, large bulbous pillows with buds. Some tubular, anemones, sed is less thick than before, maybe 1.5 (less sediment in lows, same on surfaces).
0957 2620 249 sample 1, x=2104, y=-1533, x=2078, y=-1531 (second fix), pillow bud of oldest flows; BP- 2b, digital photo #1.
(0958) (2620) 322 leaving sample site, x=2136, y=-1537, WP-2 is 557m on 322°
moving across inclined slope of old P (age 1.5 to 2).
0959 2614 321 upslope over P, many tubular (short sections 1-2m), many bulbous. Local relief of 2-3m. some are collapsed, with large indentations (flat soccer ball). Look about same age as landing site, correcting for the effect that pillows appear younger (local relief).
1002 2612 323 now on L pillows and gentler slope. age 1.5 or less. could be even 1.0. no sediment ponds, just on surfaces.
1003 2610 325 still on L, some pillows also, with rafted, polygonal broken crusts on top surface. P over L- look considerably younger than landing site- age 1 or so.
1004 2608 325 uphill on L, sediment gets less as we go uphill. Local relief, 1-2m, less than on P before. Some L lobes are up to 7-8 in length- very large. anemones.
1005 2608 323 on L age 1 to 0.7, rattail, collapses on stbd side- not port. Now collapsed L with tabular rubble inside, another, with in-situ rubble- looks shattered. S- 0.5 kt or so.
1007 2607 324 more L on bottom. Bob says he sees pillows ahead, now on both sides. Slope is steeper, but age is the same as L- tubular, bulbous, and collapsed- many buds. The slope is terraced, with gentle slopes for L and steeper slopes for P, however appear to be part of same flows- no big age differences.
1009 2600 326 A=1-2m, now on P, slope of 10°, large isolated P up to 1-2m in diameter, nice striations. Many buds.
1010 2598 325 on steep slope of P, local relief 1-2m, some P broken where tube has been detached. Mostly bulbous. now slope almost flat, with L., some rare P on L.
1011 2595 323 on L, gentle slope < 5°, age still getting younger- now about 0.7 or so.- many fish. very few attached filter feeders. barren, no HT stains, light sed dusting. EC (port)- 512.
1013 2594 323 uphill on L. a few fish.
1014 2593 324 on L, same age, shrimp, some L have slight folds on tops. gentle slope. L are large, few collapsed. not many buds.
1016 2592 324 slope is lass than 5°, on L- very are animals- very few- bleak.
1017 2591 325 now P on top of lobates, but rare- still mostly L.
1018 2590 325 x=2019, y=-1416, WP-2 427m on 328, we've gone about 120m from landing point. Moving slowly, now into P, with many buds, steeper slope.
1019 2589 329
1020 2587 328 P are younger than before, age 0.5, but some older ones sticking up through the apparent cover of younger stuff.
1024 2586 292 stopped sampling in young P.
1029 2585 260 sample 2, pillow bud, x=1680, y=-1114, digital photo #2, BP-2a.
1033 2585 225 will skip WP-3 and go to WP-4 at axis.x= 1788, y=-1115, 533m, on 294° to WP-4.
1034 2584 241 to WP-4, on 295°. port EC-571. still on P, u/w, A-3m.
1035 2585 297 u/w to WP-4 on P , same as we sampled- quite young. age 0.5 to 0.7.
1036 2583 296 back onto L now. with P on top
1037 2583 296 on L now, anemones, very shiny glass, white staining on L, a few fish but little other life. gentle slope on L, ever-decreasing sediment as we go uphill toward axis. No big boundaries, or contacts. relief on L is 1-2 m, very gentle slopes.
1039 2583 295 now onto P again. increase in slope but not much change in age.
look very young, but some older pillows also
1040 2580 296
1041 2580 299 stopped sampling to get sample of "young stuff" age 0.5 or so. Must have passed contact, although must have been sudden and subtle. Getting HH on roll 1.
1051 2580 074 port EC to 605, stopped sampling.
1054 2581 075 stopped sampling- very young, L and P- mixed unit. this could be axis. 3-4 shots w/HH
1056 2580 103 got up to move away from sed. plume.
1106 2580 sample 3, pillow bud. BP-5a, (most), some also in BP -8. digital photo #3. Nav poor, probably 50-150m west or NW of WP-2.
1108 2581 309 u/w on fresh P and buds, over steep slope, age 0.5. white staining on rocks- very shiny glass.
1109 2579 307 on L now, age 0.5, occasional P on top. white stains, very shiny glass. rattail. has "anemone" patchiness of sed cover- small circular patches of sed).
1111 2578 308 L have white stains on top surfaces, localized on cracks.- not all, but many, still up hill with poor nav.
1112 2576 306 port EC -650. P on stbd side, a few on port side too. mostly L but now P very common. same age as sample 3. Mixed L and P. or near contact.- age 0.5.
1114 2573 306 S- 0.25 kt on L. with some P on top. mostly L, age 0.5. patchy sed., now some orange stains in lows, A=2m.
1116 2572 306 P on stbd, L on port (mostly). VERY young looking, L have wrinkles. dandelion. P on L.
(1118) 2570 308 now on L, flat surface, probably close to axis. (depth offset between seabeam and Alvin depth would be 25-30m as before if axis is 2600m to 2595m). collapses coming up. BTR, 2m deep with rubble on bottom. shallow collapse, now large collapse on port side. put on SIT.
1120 2570 307 over large collapse, 4-5m deep, 10-20m across, BTR, lobate talus on inner slopes. nice pillars. Altimeter is OOC. large pillar 1m across with debris at base. more pillars. broken pillars, with debris at base.
1123 2571 305 surface says we are at WP-4 (consistent with geology). Large collapse, with pillars and BTR. Probably head to WP-5. port EC- 674.
1126 2571 305 still in collapse, will head south to WP-5. x=1277, y=-882, 584m on 205° to WP-5.
1129 2569 c/c 205 u/w to WP-5. will turn on stbd EC, port EC up to 681 on port.
(1130) 206 bottom of collapse has nice FSF, same age as L on top. Very little rubble in collapse here. many pillars are broken- here is one that is oval in section (faired). another 1m pillar, with debris at base- debris halo. sides of collapse have debris on sides. FSF at bottom. S- 0.5 kt or so
1132 change videos.
1136 2571 (205) at end of collapse, now L.
1138 2571 206 on L. changed videos. very young, age 0.5, rattail, surprisingly little life.
1138 2571 206 now on P. lots of buds, anemone. very nice pillows, but now L, with P on top. a few crinoids.
1140 2570 206 nice P, and L in distance.
1140 2570 207 210°, range 400m to WP-5.
1143 2570 207 x=1190, y= -1149, 306m on 211 to WP-5. Very nice P with many buds. some crabs-galatheid.
1145 2568 210 back on L now, with a few P on top.
1146 2569 209 P on L. crinoids, crabs. mostly P with local relief up to 3m.
1147 2569 208 mostly L with rare P on top. port EC 718, stbd EC 42.
1148 2569 211 across P and L, P over L , many buds. P not as young as before. (later retracted, but some do look dull)
1150 2570 211 P over L. Bob sees crabs and anemones- I see white anemone, and dandelions; fish.
1152 2570 211 P over L, nice buds, 3-4m local topography. very young pillows.
1153 2568 207 P, port EC -730.
1154 2567 209 now on L again- back and forth between P and L. very fresh looking, age 0.5- patchy mottled sed. not much life
1156 2567 211 EC- port - 735, stbd-59. 70m on 270 to WP-5.
1157 2567 c/c 270 over L again at moment. fish. upslope on port side.x=1078, y=-1450, 70m on 305 to WP-5.
1159 2566 284 extremely fresh L, much life. port EC at 744, restarted stbd at 064. L.
1203 2563 291 much life, and stuff in water, dandelions, crabs, serpulids, fish. L are stained reddish, all collapsed, many hollows.
1206 2564 247 gone past HT area.
1207 2564 164 collapsed L, much life, spaghetti, dandelions, fish. nice collapses.
1212 2565 224 lobates at axis.
1215 2561 282 nice 3 chip of extinct sulfide chimney. lobates, anemones (many).
1216 2564 160m on 170° to WP-5. (need to check this- conflicts with previous nav showing us much closer to WP-5).
1220 2566 045 passed sulfide, on L, with rare P, looking for sample site.
1225 2567 036 stopped sampling just beyond sulfide. surface says 130m on 030 to WP-5. Here is contact between extremely fresh lava and the ambient (age 0.5) lava. new lava is very black.
1227 2567 031 sample 4, digital frame #5, pillow bud, BP-1a, no good nav. but surface says 130m on 030 to WP-5- seems right- we went south past WP-5 about 130m.
1238 2568 sample 5, "older" lava at site of extremely young lava, lobate piece, BP-7, digital frame #6.
280° range 180m to WP-6. this is also location for sample 5. u/w across very fresh youngest pillows.
1242 2565 279 out of freshest lava, now fresh L, (age 0.5), collapses- one a few meters long. More white stains, dandelions, collapsed L.
1244 2566 280 headed to WP-6 on L of age 0.5 (next-to-youngest)- much life.
1246 2568 279 now at shimmering water site- many anemones. many crabs. serpulids. red and yellow stains. short (5-20cm) stalked creatures (baby sea whips?)- Bob called them "paint brushes (?).
1250 2568 276 50m to WP-6 on 280°. Just took loop around HT area. saw a pentagonal echinoid that looks like a crystler logo.
1252 2569 274 going off axis downhill to WP-6 and WP-7.
1253 2571 275 pillows, some collapsed, P on L., crabs on L.
1254 2572 275 L, rattail. some P on top of L, age ~0.5.
1255 2573 276 Pillows, age 0.5 (nest youngest).
1257 2576 282 x=814, y=-1582, 415m on 289 to WP-7. surface: 275m on 275° to WP-7. Old discarded Alvin dive weights passed.
(1258) 2579 279 across L.S- ~0.5 kt.
1303 2586 296 just crossed over contact of young pillows (0.5) over older lobates (age 1.0 or so). Try for sample of each. (sample 6, at 1306L, 2587m-D, BP-4, digital still #7. location is x=779, y=-1607, 392m on 293° to WP-7. sample is older lobate.).
1313 2584 216 driving along contact, both units are visible on stbd side and ahead.
1316 2583 133 following contact, going north, young pillows on older L. contact clear- here is a finger of new stuff moving over older stuff. (contact not as clearly visible on port side).
1318 2583 227 following contact now to south, contact now visible on port side.
1320 2587 206 large P, on way to WP-8. decided not to follow contact- uses too much power. Now on pillows of same age as older lobates.
(1322) (surface)- 225°, 450m to WP-8. our nav is 490m on 248° to WP-8, x=665, y=-1795.
1324 2583 252 L age 0.5 (second youngest). Bob sees collapse and SF ahead- looks like SF channel. This is off axis, contouring to south. now P over L, but still same young age- many buds., not back onto L.
1326 2584 251 L with rare P on top.
1329 2590 251 changed both video tapes. back onto older P now.
1331 2594 249 on L A=2-3m. sediment covered L (age 0.7-1), P on top. a few dandelions in water. Pillows on L, crab on P, buds.
1334 2597 251 on intermediate age lobates (the age 0.5-0.7 ones)- actually is "young" stuff (second youngest). Occasional P, crinoid.
1335 2599 251 200°, 100m to WP-8, c/c and go to WP-9.
1337 130° to WP-9, range 400m.
1338 2600 135 FSF, with overlying P. Bob thinks it is second oldest. Is it second oldest or second youngest?
1339 2596 133 L now, odd P, age still uncertain, on way to SP-9.
1341 2594 134 now on P, changes facies frequently as before on east side of axis.
1343 2588 134 obliquely upslope toward WP-9. looking for contact.
1346 2587 277 crossed contact into young glassy lava, so the stuff we were on must have been the second oldest stuff, not second youngest. These are pillows. with the patchy sed. pattern- buds. x=453, y=-2124, 608m on 158° to WP-10 (WP-10 added instead of 9, by accident or spontaneously). just crossed contact, will try for sample of young stuff
1350 2586 120 sample 7, x=446, y=-2130, 300m NW of WP-9. D-2589, digital photo #8, young pillow bud.BP-9.
1401 2584 121 500m on 123° from WP-9. headed to WP-9. over young pillows. crabs. very young pillows.
1404 2579 126 now over young L, obliquely upslope. gentle slopes on L, young stuff. on steep pillows before. stepped flank to the axis on west side.
1406 2576 125 steeper P now, with L below. (Bob, 306m on 123° to WP-9)
1407 2571 135 to WP-9 on L with dimpled sed pattern. collapsed L.
1408 2569 133 248m on 122° to WP-9. on broad L, almost sheet-like. Collapse with SF in bottom, BTR,
1410 2568 132 just crossed collapse and now at another, L were between. very gentle slope. This collapse is less than 1m deep, floored by rubble. Bob and John see channel running up slope. channel is on L surface. FSF on stbd side, lobates on port side. Now LSF below me, now FSF (levee?). the channel goes uphill. lobates lap onto channel surface. now back on L. channel continues up and seems to head (end) at a rubbly slope that may have been collapse. rubble wall is 2-3m high.
1412 2565 134 more L, same age as before- dimpled sed pattern. 3-4m across L, no buds, 1m local relief only.
1415 2563 143 large collapse, big pillars. about 10m deep BTR, large pillars. Huge collapse. pretty deep- about 10m at least, rubble on inner slopes of collapse.338m on 185° to WP-10, x=715, y= -2354.
1417 2564 203 getting SIT view.
1420 2564 227 toward WP-10- this is lake Aldo. try to move to left side.
1425 2562 119 try to head south to WP-10. x=665, y=-2536, 151m on 173° to WP-10. try to stay on east side to look for Santa.
1431 2563 287 at site of Santa- it is completely covered with sediment (or tofu bacteria), there is chimney actively venting below it. can't see from port side. x=600, y=-2660, 27m on 170° to WP-10. we are actually at WP-10 (Santa).
1452 2564 270 will head to WP-11, nav says is 800m on 268°.
1454 2563 268 heading west to look for contact.
1458 2565 268 young L with dimpled sed- was young flow during Naudur- at that time little sed, just black lava.
1500 2567 270 same L with dimples, age 0.5.
1503 2569 267 just passed isolated pillows erupted over L. EC 431 (stbd).
1505 2570 270 on L with dimples. large collapsed L.
1506 2571 270 same L.
1507 2572 270 2-3m collapse, wrinkled crust on lobates, L.
1509 2573 270 still on L., now on Pillows, same age. steeply down hill
1511 2570 269 contact, moving parallel to it, young stuff on port, old on stbd.
1512 2580 305 passed kipuka of old stuff on port side. contact.
1519 2579 130 sample 8, young pillow bud, on bio-box. x=239, y=-2699, digital photo #10 (#9 of Santa).
1521 weights away.

Sample Locations

Sample Time Depth* Latitude (S) Longitude (W)
3365-1 0950 2622 17°25.91'S 113°11.66'W
3365-2 1023 2586 17°25.68'S 113°11.90'W
3365-3 1056 2580 17°25.64'S 113°11.97'W
3365-4 1225 2567 17°25.90'S 113°12.29'W
3365-5 1234 2567 17°25.90'S 113°12.29'W
3365-6 1306 2568 17°25.90'S 113°12.52'W
3365-7 1349 2589 17°26.23'S 113°12.68'W
3365-8 1515 2578 17°26.54'S 113°12.73'W

*- all depths are Alvin pressure depths- these are ~26-27m shallower than Seabeam depths.