Alvin Dive 3364 - February 25, 1999

Port Observer: Tracy Gregg
Stbd. Observer: Anjana Shah (transcript)
Pilot: Steve Faluotico


Time Hdg X Y Depth What
842 Starting maggie spin
849 325 Maggie spin finished
948 183 -1288 -3656 3983 Noted altitude = 29, seabeam 2745
951 31.4 -1287 -3674 Near bottom
953 pillows, lobates. mounds 2-3 m high.
ground slopes up in front, mound topography ~1-2m
954 pillows everywhere. sloping up to right. Macdonald age 2. some Mn coating.
955 83.6 looking for sample.
957 -1893 -3499 Stopped for sample #1
958 Patches of orange & yellow sed, every part of pillow covered with sed, though sed is not even. Chunks of white in places., glass visible.
1003 -1234 -3606 Got first sample, chunks of pillow, orange and yellow on inside of pillow. 2nd piece fell in basket. can see glass.
1005 heading to next target (2).
1005 pillows. ~40 cm inches. numerous buds.
1007 85 -1245 -3603 pillows with buds
1008 occasional lobates in the pillows.
1009 climbing a gentle slope. not as many buds as before, somewhat more lobates, topography somewhat smoother.
1009 Lobates. flatter. some bits broken up. talus.
1010 Jumbled sheet flow and lobates, sometimes lobates onlap onto the sheet flow.
1011 83 more lobates, a pillow on top of sheet flow.
1012 Lobates and pillows. more pillows. not too many buds.
1013 Ground rises steeply. Pillows, but also crumbled/brecciated rock near bottom of slope.
1014 2677 Coming over edge of steep slope. Rock brecciated. At bottom, very flat topography, looks like sheet flow in a channel. Collapsed pieces at bottom, 3-4 m wide. Sheet flows along edges of channel. Beccia at top and sides.
To a second channel, parallel. flat topography. breccia on side.
1015 103.6 Coming over walls of channels. very brecciated. alt 9.5. Then elongate lobates.
1016 88.1 Collapse in lobate. ~6 cm shell. jumbled sheet flow above collapse, mixed with pillows. big mess.
Back to pillows. not much change in sed cover. some pillows broken up. glass on pillows.
1017 Patches of less sediment. lots of pillow buds. sediment mainly in cracks.
1019 89.9 have we crossed a contact?
1020 87.4 Discussion: maybe less sed is due to topography. Pillows, occasional buds, going up slope
1021 89.3 2644 brown staining. coming over a ridge. heading downhill, steeper slope.
1022 pillows with buds, occasional lobates. pillow with an "icicle"?
1023 86.7 2633 Sediment cover patchy - more like age 1.
1023 definite contact - can see patches of glass. more lobates, still lots of pillows.
1024 Elongate pillows. still seeing less sediment. buds glassier than pillows.
1025 orange staining. imprints of spaghetti worms. looking for sample.
1027 new flow has patchy sediment in flatter lobates. patches in pockets between pillow buds.
1029 sample # 2 - lobate bud.
1033 -760 -3617 where are we? calling ship for location.
1034 80.1 heading to next site. Elongate lobates. light dusting of sed, patches of sed & glass. Lobates seem to be oriented -45 deg. from trackline. occasional orange staining.
1035 89 Pillows cracked in places, white staining in cracks. Slope coming on right of my view. Brecciated sheet flows, some jumbled sheet flow intact. Lobates seem to onlap the sheet flow from the left (of view).
1038 Then jumbled sheet flow on top of lineated sheet flow. Channel to my right with lineated sheet sheet flows - a highway. Turning to cross it and follow it. Lobates over the edge of the channel. Buds and folds pop out of the lineated sheet flow.
Sheet flow interupted by a massive jumble - a tumulus?
1039 120.2 jumbled sheet flow. Swirly. Tracy sees lobes on her side.
1041 95 channel with jumbled sheet flow to my right, then another channel to right - a highway. Changing heading toward the channel.
116.2 Sheet flow heads perp. to view out my window. We (turn to) follow the channel. Walls brecciated, breccia also in channel. Then cross-structures - a second channel on top, heading almost perp. to first.
jumbled sheet flow. Sheet flow seems to have come from a collapsed lobate, but poured onto other jumbled sheet flow.
Heading toward a collapse structure. Sheet flow flows out of collapsed lobate (towards me), on top of other jumbled sheet flow. flow front?
1042 115.1 2611 Lobates, pillows.
1043 69 Now smooth, elongate lobates. similar sed cover as before. Lobates have occasional folds, also occasional small collapses. Some patches of white hydro. staining. One collapse has a shell ~10-12 cm thick.
Wall on right, breccia at base of wall.
1045 72.7 Brecciated, jumbled sheet flow. changing heading to find a channel. No luck.
1046 lobates. then elongate lobates.
1047 62.5 -441 -3652 2600 Elongate lobates mixed with sheet flow. Patches of yellow sediment.
1049 Sheet flow, with lobates on top? Then pillows with buds, and lobates.
1050 70.3 Collapse structure. jumbled sheet flow on bottom. Big fat lobates, occasionally broken, shell 4-5 inches thick, collapse structures.
1051 69.4 Jumbled sheet flows + some lobates, some small collapses ~ 1m diameter
1052 69.1 -623 -3327 2594 pillows, pillows w/buds
1053 orange stains, white stains. collapses, lobates
1057 50.5 -216 -3567 2589 sheet flows, lobates. heading north.
1057 ditch,collapse in lobate, critters.
1058 50.5 lobates getting less relief.
1059 69.1 -102 -3494 2578 Noticing more sediment, similar to age 2. octopus. dandelions, crabs, white staining - prob. hydro field. pillows. Debate as to whether increased sediment reflects an outcrop of older material, or locally increased hydrothermal activity.
1102 starting to see slightly less sediment. lobates & pillows with buds. more white staining.
1105 69.4 2571 Patchy sedmient, less critters.
1106 52 -3435 2569 Lobates, almost sheet flow.
1109 seeing collapse structures, lobates, occasional jumbled sheet flow. lobates onlap jumbled sheet flow.
1110 collapse structures, channel in collapse, margin on my side, we change heading to follow the channel. Channel is flat on bottom. Looks like a freeway.
1112 139 2567 Following channel, passing jumbled sheet flow, lineated sheet flow. The channel changes directions, we're changing our heading to follow. Lobate collapses on edge of channel, edge of channel is right outside my window.
1115 Still following channel, it heads slightly to right of my view, right into a filled tunnel at least 3m high. Breccia at the base of the tunnel. We head back over lobates.
1116 150 We've reached the axis. big drop, can't see bottom yet. bathtub rings, pillars on side. up to 1m thick.
Lineations along side of valley. Down in, lots of fog. jumbled sheet flow on bottom.
1118 376 -3558 2569 Black smoker. various biology.
1135 367 -3557 got some biology from axis - bio sample #1.
Jumbled sheet flow on bottom, sometimes flat. Frequent pillars.
1142 128 -1367 Down a wall, slight slope, flat sheet flow at bottom. We're in a pit. Breccia on the wall of the collapse.
1147 702 -1710 looking for sample
1154 2578 sample #3, rock from jumbled sheet flow. north of smoker, southern end of lake aldo.
1155 641 -1675 to next waypoint, out of axis. lots of rings along sides.
Outside axis, lobates around collapse, some elongate, stretch into sheet flow
1157 108 To target 4. Edge of channel on my side, then widening in my view. Several meters of channel on my side. Turning toward left to follow channel. Jumbled sheet flow. Channel ends in lobates.
1159 480 -3542 crossing over ~1m high ridge, into lineated, then folded sheet flow, then into flat sheet flows of a channel, edge on my side. Can see lineations for a distance. The channel is wide, several, meters.
1201 536 -3571 flat here, lobates in distance. Jumbled sheet flows, following a channel. end in lobates, collapse structure.
1202 jumbled sheet flow, turns into lobates. Then into another channel.
1205 536 -3571 leaving valley, into lobates
1206 jumbled sheet flow
1207 74 667 -3470 collapse structures, jumbled sheet flows.
1208 711 -3424 lobates, lobates, patchy seds w/light dusting everywhere.
1209 some orange staining
1211 lobates, ~1 m wide? 1 -1.5 m relief in topography. buds in lobates.
108 to jumbled sheet flow, another channel in front of me.
1212 heading toward wall, coming up above channel, back into lobates, possibly with less relief than other side of sheet flow.
1213 collapse structure within lobates, 4-5 m accross, 3 m wide.
1214 Lobates on my side, - Tracy sees a channel. occasional orange staining.
1215 A pillow w/buds amidst the lobates, Tracy sees a collapse
1215 collapse structure, folded sheet flow at base. collapse ~10 m wide. bathtub rings on side. lobates beyond
1216 Collapse continues, more bathtub rings, talus at bottom of collapse.
1217 Another collapse. patchy sediment. Jumbled up flow. sediment seems to be increasing. Possible hydrothermal staining, mainly where rock is broken up.
1218 Another collapse. sediment cover still seems increased. white staining in cracks. Possible contact.
1221 100.9 1175 -3593 2599 lobates with much hydro staining, also orange staining
1223 1202 -3600 2601 looking for a new sample.
1243 1232 -3624 2601 sample #4 from a lobate on east side of axis.
1244 178 2601 heading south, to wp5.
1246 180 1229 -3678 heading south, slightly downhill. noting orange staining.
1248 more lobates, buds, some pillows with shiny buds
1249 183 1240 -3799 2607 Pillows about 1m or so wide sediment cover seems to have increased again, sediment fills cracks, less patchy. Then area becomes flatter, and well covered with sediment. We think we have crossed a contact, to age ~2?
1253 206 1247 -3841 2606 Sample #6 Tracy can see the contact outside her window. I'm in older stuff.
1255 heading to wp 7. Pillows.
1256 On younger side of contact. flat lobates, age 1.
1300 265 1055 -3882 2598 pillows & lobates. then elongate hook pillows.
1301 Lobates, ocasional pillows, then more pillows
1302 267.8 966 -3898 Patches of sed thicker, more orange and white staining. elongate lobates, elongate pillows. To age 2?
1305 Older stuff still. lobates.
1307 266 787 -3925 Passed over a small collapse, about 5 m across, 15 m wide. pillar in middle of collapse.
1309 272 695 -3933 2592 lobates more elongate, then back into pillows, heading back toward axis. sed like older stuff.
1311 269 616 3952 2580 Elongate lobates, pillows with glassy buds
1313 272 2578 Seem to have passed a contact, to age 1, sed cover more patchy. pillows with buds.
1314 sheet flow, various directions, some folded, mixing back into lobates. Then back into sheet flows. channel heading off away from me for some distance, in the direction of my window.
1315 271 714 -4988 2576 In younger stuff, sed patchy, back in lobates, pillows with glassy buds.
1316 pillow mound. ~2 m relief (previous relief ~ 0.5 m)
1317 272 400 -3950 lobates, to jumbled sheet flow, area about 2 m wide. occasional folds within lobates
1318 sheet flow mixed with lobates. lobates are elongate, with occasional folds within them.
1320 259 304 -3962 2569 folded, jumbled sheet flow, broken up. collapse structre. looking for a sample.
1323 288 -3951 2568 Sample #7 from top of collapse stracture. Noting not a huge change in maggie total field
1324 Heading to axis. Passing over lobates, lobates, lobates. patchy sediment cover. Collapse structure. Breccia in middle, bathtub rings around side.
1325 Lobates out my window, channels around Tracy's side.
1326 collapse straight ahead, it's the axis, bathtub rings and a pillar. 6-10 m deep?
1327 folded and jumbled sheet flow, below me. pillar in front me, wall ahead.
Looking for Kihi. Plenty of sed and biology, Tracy sees shimmering water and hydro. sed, but we don't see a smoker site. Lots of sediment in water.
End of Tape 1 - looking for a fresh tape.
1336 210 265 -3846 3806 New tape
1337 Looking for a good pillar. Looking at walls with bathtub rings, through hydro junk. sea cucmber, crab, orange puff balls.
1349 200 -3906 Videoing a pillar before we sample. verical and horizontal marking
1401 233 198 -3908 Sample #7 pillar in basket sitting next to the maggie.
1415 208 -3929 Another piece of the pillar - good chunk of the top. 70 cm? also a piece from the middle.
1419 233 -4011 looking for the axis (when did we leave it?) drop off up ahead. some sheet flow there.
1420 looking along walls of the collapse. wall about 4-5 m away from me. water cloudy.
1423 2571 Sample #8 got top part of a pillar
1432 169 Sample #9 another piece of pillar, from middle of same section
1449 heading for last sample. Near the wall of the collapse, sampling from bottom. jumbled sheet flow out my window.
1453 Sample #10 got our last sample, folded sheet flow from floor.
1455 2566 clearance to surface.
1544 311 Starting maggie spin. heading 311.
1547 149 maggie spin just about done. heading 149?