Dive 3361 - 21 Feb 1999


Ken R (port side) transcript

Observers: Ken Rubin and Scott White

Pilot: Matt Heintz

Audio Tape 1 of 1 - Side A

note: items in italics not on audio tape. copied from Alvin Video.
Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
0841 -780 -10982 1450 Preparing for Maggie spin.
0843 1513 Maggie spin start.
0844.6 spin over.
0920 2604 40-50m off bottom on descent.
0921 -625 -10925 2629 Bottom in sight, fairly sedimented sheet flows.
0922 -631 -10929 2630 8m off bottom. Low relief sea floor. Age 3.
0925 -632 -10931 2636 Landing site: Old, sedimented jumbled sheet flow. Revised age estimate to 2.5.
0931 -626 -10932 2637 Sample 3361-1 - triangular piece of sheet flow into basket 1a.
0934 266 2633 Underway from sampling station 1 for ~1 min. Combination of pillows and sheet flows. Ascended small slope into bulbous and rarer elongated pillows with good ornamentation and striations. Age 2.5.
0935 -689 -10951 268 2630

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
0936 267 2624 Bulbous pillows, age 2.5. Transitioning to lobates mixed in.
0938 267 2619 Lobates, age 2.5 to 3. Seeing some wrinkled sheet as well. Appears to be same flow as before, just different relief and thus more sediment cover. Not getting good fixes in sub.
0939 270 2619 Passing through jumbled sheet flow with a 20 cm wide fissure running through it, heading roughly 280° to sub's heading (190° absolute).
0940 272 2619 Then transitioned back into lobates. Area of sheet flow was a small zone, only ~20m wide. Predominantly age 2.5-3 lobates.
0941 2618 Contact with younger looking pillows. went up a 1m step. Ornamented pillows appear to be age 1.5. Confirmed by looking on Alvin video.
0942 2619 Stopping for sample 2.
0943 2619 Can see nice elongated pillows, with good striations on surfaces, some ornamentation. Definitely significantly younger than what we had been seeing just a few minutes ago.
Sample 3361-2 - 15 cm long pillow bud into basket 3a.
0946 270 2618 Underway from sampling station number two.
0947 270 2618 Contact with pillows is irregular. We are going in and out of it. Combo of pillows that are significantly younger and heavily sedimented low lying sheet flows. Passing over very ornamented pillows with collapsed surfaces.
0948.5 275 2608 Coming upslope in age 1.5 heavily ornamented pillow lavas. Mostly bulbous. Small bit of fracturing on surfaces, some elongate forms as well, trending 240° to the sub.
0949 2602 Picking up reflections from the glass on the pillows in places.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
0949 -1125 -10989 276 2600 5m off bottom

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
0952 276 2591 Younger, age 1.5 lobates. Some hydrothermal staining in cracks, transitioning back into pillows, relatively high relief sea floor. 0.5 to 1m in and amongst pillows. Back in a pillowed slope heading 230° to the sub (146° absolute).
0953 277 2582 Heading obliquely upslope to the axis. Ground drops off a bit to port Highly ornamented pillows age 1.5 some lobates intermixed in low-lying lavas. Appear to be transitioning from primarily pillows to primarily lobates. Some ornamentation on pillows. Age 1.5.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
0954 -1309 -10992 2582 Came up local slope. Now in flatter terrain
0955.5 2581 Still in lobates, but they seem to be glassier here. I think we have crossed the contact. Flow direction appears to be 240° to the sub (157° absolute)
0956 -1427 -10985 2581 At elevation of the axis. Things look younger, although not dramatically so. Very glassy lobates. Stopping for sample to be sure.
0957 -1263 -9360 2582 Kicking up some sediment at sampling station. Some orange Hydrothermal staining on the crevaces on the rock. 10 cm long puka in a rock is rimed by Fe-oxide stain.
1000 -1436 -10900 2582 Sample 3361-3 - 15 cm long piece of lobate crust into basket 5b, broke into two pieces.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1002 2581 Underway from sampling station number 3.
1004 276 2581 Still in age 1 lobates. Seeing both orange and white staining in cracks on surfaces, localized.
1004.5 2581 We are up on the axial platform. Transitioning into some pillows out of lobates. Pillows appear to be same age, ~1-1.5.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1005 270 2584 Contact? (Confirmed by looking on Alvin video.) Lobates, significantly less shiny. More dusting of sediment. Flying 4m off bottom with bottom dropping away. Sample 3 from a finger of younger stuff?
1006 -1606 -10986 2588
1007 -1983 -11962 2593 Age 1.5-2 lobates. Flying a bit high, difficult to see. Distinctively older than material at axis.
1008 280 2604 Pillows, age 1.5-2. Some sediment in pockets, lots of Ornamentation. A lot older looking as we descend slope.
1010 -1883 -11060 2608 Ship fix: 270° at 500 m out, seems wrong. I had us 300m out at 1007.
1011 2605-4 Coming back upslope in age 2 pillows. Significant Ornamentation.
1011.5 -1883 -11020 2601 Coming upslope in age 2 pillows.
1013 -1990 -10996 037 2590 Turning due north to try and reach local summit of mound at WP2. Age 2 pillows.
1014 -1940 -10929 2589 Stop for sample, just executed 360° turn to see if we were at summit of peak. Appear to be roughly there. Age 1.5-2 mostly bulbous pillows with good ornamentation and striated surfaces.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1019 Sample 3361-4 - into basket 1b. Two 5 cm long pieces of pillow bud. 2 Chunks from same spot.
1020 2589 Underway from sampling station number 4. Top of mound of age 2 pillows. Heading to WP3 at 070°, approximately 1100m out.
1022 069 2587 At another local high. Other of two sides of the crater at the pillow mound summit (which is visible in the DSL record).

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1023 -1847 -10900 2584 Age 2 pillows; on our way back to the axis.
1025 -1822 -10937 061 2586 CTFM shows us flying over a crater. 270° worth of high around us (from 180° clockwise to 090°).
1026 -1709 -10844 065 2585 Age 2 pillows.
1027.5 072 2582 Transitioned into age 2 lobates. Lower relief flow. Lots of sediment down there.
1028 -1652 -10821 072 2581

Age 2 lobates with a few pillows out there too.

Just passed over a very small fissure, 5-10cm across, heading 280° to the sub (352° absolute).

1029 Area of small fissures on same approx. heading, ~ perpendicular to the sub. Approaching much larger one 15 cm across. Can see down into it ~2-3m.
1029.5 -1592 -10795 2582 Age 2 lobates with rare pillows. Just passed over yet another fissure. Even wider than the last one. Now we are approaching a very large fissure, drops down 4 m or so. Can see truncated lobates in the wall. Fissure is 5m across.
1030 -1547 -10778 Contact: Right after we crossed fissure we were in new material: younger lavas. Interesting. Didn't see exact nature of the contact, so we don't know if it is at the edge of the fissure. Other side of fissure was definitely age 2 lobates. Now we are in age 1 lobates. Packets of sediment dusting the surfaces. Taking Sample 3361-5.
1034 -1543 -10777 2585 Underway from sampling station 5. Going to double back to see fissure and take a look at contact.
1037.5 -1554 -10782 070

Just seen contact. Definitely on east side of fissure, within 5m of fissure, by Matt's estimation (within 2m based on Alvin video-real neat contact, check it out. Few small pillows then lobates).

Back on original track heading.

1038 Abundant hydrothermal stainings in low-lying parts of lobates.. Sample 5 has some white staining on its interior surfaces and we are seeing white staining along cracks on the higher standing bits of these lobates too.
1039 -1500 -10768 2582 Also seeing some localized orange staining but have transitioned out of high concentration of hydrothermal staining.
1041 -1426 -10733 2581 Spaghetti worms on age 1 lobates. Seeming even less sedimented than we have seen before.
1042 -1407 -1073? Predominantly Spaghetti worms in some locations on lava flows, crinoid swimming by, no anenomaes or crabs. Collapse off to starboard side.
1042 At edge of deep collapse off starboard side in shelly lobates. Can see hole in lobate crust off to port. Going off regular heading to investigate. Collapse is coming into view on camera now. Broken up surface underneath (on floor), large collapse, looks like bathtub rings in the wall and seeing a large lava tube with rubble in the bottom. Collapse looks like it is 5m deep. Seeing bathtub rings on the walls, age 1 lobates
1044.5 -1383 -10724 2582 At sampling station 6. Down in collapse, sampling from edge. Can see both orange and white staining on the edge. We're just 10m away from the Spaghetti worms area.
1047 -1334 -10724 2580 Underway on a heading of 070°. Just took Sample 3361-6 - piece of lobate crust from the rim of a collapse. Large piece sitting on top of baskets right now because it won't fit into any.
1049.5 2578 Can see lots of hydrothermal staining. In pillows here. Not seeing any shining of glass off the surfaces and lots of sediment, mostly orange staining to the sediment locally, but other places it is just pelagic sediment. Seem to have passed a contact. (Confirmed by looking on Alvin video.)
2577 Have reached a local high. Kipuka of older material as a ridge in the axial material that shows up on Argo data?
1051 -1223 -10668 2579 Heading off of summit platform. In age 2 pilows with good ornamentation. Definitely a lot more sediment. As we came out of lobates, we came into an area with a distinctive concentration of hydrothermal sediment in crevices and cracks down in pillows.
1053 2595 Age 1.5-2 pillows, good ornamentation, elongated forms.
1054 321 2592 Changing course, not going to go all the way to WP3. Heading toward WP4, highly ornamented age 2 pillows. Hoping to cross contact in 100m or so. Lots of elongate pillows too.
1057 -1210 -10568 2576 Back over hydrothermally sedimented lobates. Must be coming back into younger flow soom. Lots of orange staining down in pockets. Some pillows too. Look to be age 1.5-2. Sits just off contact according to our last passing.
1058.5 -1240 -10525 2578 No more hydrothermal staining. Just seeing good pillows, age 1.5-2.
1059 -1246 -10516 2580 Contact: Old pillows into young lobates.
1101 -1293 -10454 2580 More Spaghetti worms in center of the axis on lobates. Definitely not seeing much sediment here (sort of gradient on lobates). Broken up in spots. Good fracturing to the surfaces in localized areas. Other areas are completely unfractured.
1102 -1332 -10407 2579 Very nice age 1 lobates with small collapses. Leaving Spaghetti worms area (still a few Spaghetti worms but not as many as about 1 minute ago).
1103 251 2581 At WP4. We are deviating from the path to head at 270° for 100m or so to try and pick up contact again. Still age 1 lobates but more ornamented.
1104.5 -1365 -10371 2582 Local patches of sediment on age 1 lobates and some broken up surfaces on tops of lobates, also white staining. Heading slightly down slope.
1106 -1423 -10375 270 2584 Same lava flow but transitioning into more pillows here, ornamented with buds, suggesting we are near edge of flow.
1107.7 -1506 -10381 Contact: back into age 2 lobates.
1108 Contact: Age 1 lobates, with small collapse.
1108.5 Coming about. Will head back toward trackline. Will go on a heading of 060°.
1110.5 -1517 -10375 060 2586 Extinct hydrothermal chimney in front of us. Chimney is ~5m tall.
1113 Doing a video stop at the extinct hydrothermal chimney.
1116 2583 Underway again. Still in age 1 lobates.
1117.5 2584 Age 1 lobates. Fixes aren't good. Seeing small breaks in the shell of the lobates every once and a while. Sediment dusting looks a little bit higher here than it has in previous areas of the flow but I believe this is because we just passed an extinct hydrothermal chimney. Also rarer ornamented pillows interspersed throughout the lobates.
118.5 -1443 -10333 2583
1120 -1393 -10303 068 Age 1 lobates. Still heading back toward track line. Aiming for X = -1325 to then start heading north to continue our survey track.
1121 -1344 -10277 2580 Age 1 lobates. Seeing some collapses. Big collapse ~10m across, can't see bottom, off to port side.
1121 Changed Alvin and 3 Chip videos. Now on Tapes 2.
1122 -1319 -1023? 000 2581 Passing over a small collapse. Have picked up track line again. Now we are passing over another small collapse. Lots of pieces of broken up lobate shell down in collapse.
1124 Nice bathtub rings inside of collapse. Out into lobates for 10m and then another collapse. There is a series of collapses here. See a 3m high lava pillar, lots of bathtub rings on the side.
1126 -1335 -10134 2581 Out of area of collapse for 2 minutes. Now we see more again. Seeing some shrimp in the water.
1126 Bottom of this collapse has ribbon-folded sheet flow and a nice pilar.
1127 -1340 -10095 Coming about inside of collapse away from 000° heading to take a sample of sheet flow at base of collapse. Collapse is large; sub fits in it easily. Can see bath tub rings on the wall. Can also see lots of broken up pieces with white and orange staining on them as we enter the collapse itself. Will avoid them for sampling. We are on a pilar delta that comes out from the wall with bathtub rings on it.
1136 -1338 -1010? 2586 Underway again from sampling station 7 (said 8 on tape). Sample 3361-7 - small piece of sheet flow ~5 cm in longest dimension into basket 6a.
1139 -1342 -10034 2584 In lobates, some local collapses but not as big as what we were just in. Small amount of hydrothermal staining/sediments down in crevices, but predominantly pelagic sediment here.
1140 -1346 -9975 006 2584 Over a small collapse.
1142.5 -1350 -9873 2585 Age 1 lobates. Same as we have been seeing. Some small bits of hydrothermal sediment in pockets but primarily pelagic sediment. Also areas of white staining are more pervasive on the lavas.
1144 -1350 -9802 000 2586 Age 1 lobate with occasional bulbous pillows. Not much in the way of collapses in last couple of minutes. Everything looks a little less disrupted.
1146 -1344 -9739 010 2589 Primarily pillows here. Same age. Elongated and bulbous forms. Not much ornamentation.


(1148 on tape)

-1325 -9636 Contact: Somewhat more sediment on lobates here. Essentially at WP5. Seeing more sediment, but still some glass shining through. Age 1.5 ornamented pillows transitional to lobates.
1152 327 Underway to WP6, 400m out. Sample 3361-8 - went into basket 6b. 6cm long pillow bud piece. Older terrain here. Dig. Pic #9.
1155 -1375 -9579 2599 Over age 1.5-2 lobates. Lots of sediment in pockets. Not seeing much glass. Believe contact was just befor WP5. Would put it at the 2610 m Sea Beam contour.
1157.5 -1424 -9529 2605 Age 1.5-2 terrain. Primarily pillows, some low-lying lobates. Some ornamentation to pillows. Definite sediment pockets on our way to WP6.
1159 -1434 -9819 2609 Essentially at WP6. In age 2 pillows and lobates. Heading for WP7.
1200 2597 Over age 2 pillow lavas. My sense is that there was a gradient of sediment cover between WP5 and 6, although this may also be because of change from lobates to pillows. Ship fix: 873m 073° to WP7.
1204 -1763 -11245 2593 Over age 2 pillows, some elongate trending off to the sub at 240°. Darn, these peanut butter sandwiches are dry.
1205 -1694 -11256 2599 Contact: Came into age 1 lobates transitional to pillows in the last 10m. Lots of ornamentation to pillows and relief to the sea floor. Definite small bits (isolated pockets) of sediment on this lava flow.
1207.5 -1269 -9415 2601 Taking sample number 9. In age 1 pillows transitional to lobates.
Have just done some surgery on sample 6. We have thrown away about 2/3 of it. The remaining 1/3 is in the sampling arm.
1217 Underway from sampling station number 9. Did two things there. A) Sample 3361-9 into basket 5a. It was a piece of lobate shell with orange hydrothermal staining on at least one surface; B) Sample 6, the big one sitting across many baskets, had broken into two pieces so the larger of the two was pitched. The rest went into basket 3b (which is where sample 5, a little white-stained bud, also is).
1220.7 075 2601 In glassy age 1 lobates transitional to pillows.
1222 2583 Still in age 1 lobates. Seeing some pockets of white staining on cracks on the surfaces of the lavas. Also some orange sediment pockets. Ship fix: 630m bearing 082° to WP7.
1223 -1053 -9310 075 2588

Audio Tape 1 of 1 - Side B

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1224 072 2579 Still in age 1 lobates. Some pockets of sediment here and there. Very glassy surfaces, still seeing occasional white staining on some cracks. Every once and a while seeing a broken up lobate shell with lots of white staining around the edge of the break. Seeing occasional age 1 pillows too. Starting to see more ornamentation to the lobes too, which might indicate that we are coming near the edge of the flow.
1225 2578 Still in age 1 lobates transitional to pillows, orange hydrothermal staining in pockets and some white staining on lobes near small local collapses a few feet across where the lobe shell drops in ~6 inches.
1227.7 070 2573 Seeing Spaghetti worms on flow. In lobates transitional to folded sheet flows. Seeing small collapse off to port side, it is a elongated feature, almost like a fissure, but I can see that it is 10m long by 3m deep by 1m across fissure. Lots of Spaghetti worms in this area, very thin dusting of sediment on the lobes. Not seeing pillows here.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1230 -820 -9237 2572 Still in age 1 lobates. Out of Spaghetti worms area.
1231 2575 In ornamented-bulbous and some elongated pillows, somewhat more sedimented. Still look to be the same age.
1232 -763 -9201 2576 Hit abrupt drop off. Edge of flow front?
1233 Descend down to bottom after drop off. In age 1-1.5 pillows. Some sediment, white staining and broken up surfaces evident. Also some cracks. Unclear if we crossed a contact but sediment cover seems more. Sort of confirmed by looking on Alvin video.
1235 -745 -10930 2585 Stopping to get sample 10 from older, more sedimented pillows. Crossed contact in last couple of minutes.
1244 Underway again. Sample 3361-10 - Two pieces of pillow bud into basket 4. First of two broke up when it went into the basket. Second piece came from right next to the first one. Alvin Fix to WP7: 90m at 090° but we are waiting for a fix from the ship.
1248 2585 Sitting off the bottom trying to get a fix. Trying different transponder pair.
1251 Alvin fix: 122° at 130m; 181° at 131m.
1255 -712 -9093 Alvin fix 16m at 131° puts us just N of WP7. This is approximately where sample 10 was taken and is closer to the WP7-WP8 track line than the WP6-WP7 track line. We are going to at 075° for ~100m further to see if we hit a contact and then make for WP8.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1258 077 2598 Pillows transitional to lobates. Look to be age 1.5-2. Can see a tiny bit of glass shining through but pretty uniform dusting of sediment cover, plus some pockets of sediments. Contact was at about 2610 Sea Beam depth.
1301 2600 Turning now to WP8 on a heading of 280° for about 900m. (My estimate was 285°).
1300 282 2592 In lobates, pretty uniform dusting of sediment, also seeing some pillows. Age 1.5
1304 279 2587 Coming up a pillow slope. Seeing ornamented pillows and some elongate forms trending off ~200° (279° absolute). Seeing some white staining in cracks of pillows. Contact could possibly be here, based on Alvin video.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1306.5 -782 -9038 2575 Alvin fix: 600m out at 280°. Pillows
1307 Contact below confirmed by looking on Alvin video.
1308 2572 Contact: We have come into age 1 lobates in last 1 minute. Seeing a small sheety lobate collapse of 10 inches in front of us. Definitely less sediment than pillows but more than previous young lobates?
1309 -872 -9031 Flying over a true collapse now. Can see bathtub rings on sides and a pilar holding up a lobate shell that is still intact. Pilar is 3m high, still connected to roof. Can then see a small hole in the roof on the other side of it.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1311 2575 Had good fix but din't catch it. Stopping for sample number 11. In age 1 lobates; Interesting ornamentation to some lobes, little buds sticking out. Somewhat more sedimented.
1315 2577 Sample 3361-11 - 2 pieces of age 1 lobate bud into basket 8. Second one bigger than first, 15cm in length.
1317 282 2574 Underway again.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1319 -1027 -9019 2579 Glassy lobates, transitional to pilows in places, same ornamentation. Alvin fix: 285° 355m.
1321 -1117 -9009 Pillows. Look older, more sediment and broken-up surfaces. Contact?: Had been flying at 6m altitude for a bit so contact is in last 2 minutes.
1322 Changed Alvin and 3 Chip videos. Now on Tapes 3.
1324 -1232 -8991 284 2601 ~300m from WP8.
1326 -1314 -8979 Big dropoff, turning the sub. 186m 286° from WP8. Collapse in lobates, will try to sample. Older lobates, lots of broken-up material, not seeing bottom very well, quasi bathtub rings along walls, orange staining in most places of exposed surfaces. Sample 12 will be a chunk of lobate.
1329 - 1330 Sample 3361-12 -into basket 7. 15 cm long piece of lobate crust sampled from the edge of a collapse.
1331 Underway again. Ship fix: 63m bearing 310° to WP8.
1332 2603 13m out from WP8. In age 1.5 lobates. Most lobate shells here are broken up but not too badly. There is a fairly uniform dusting of sediment here but steeper surfaces are glassier; can still see glass shining through. At WP8.Alvin and ship fixes: 570m 090° to WP9. Heading back across the axis. We had just been at the top of that small mound. The collapse we sampled was at the summit.
1335.5 -1318 -8931 088 2602 3m altitude toward WP9. In age 1.5 lobates.
1338 -1230 -8931 2602 Still in age 1.5 lobates on west side of axis. Small collapse, ~1.5m wide and 0.5m deep on port side.
1340 -1185 -8938 2601 Stopping for sample number 13. In pillows at base of mound
1345 2601 Still taking sample 13. Can see broken up spot from first sampling attempt. There is some white staining on the interior of a glassy lobate bud. There are pillows in the area too.
-1184 -8939 090 2600 Sample 3361-13 -into basket 9, a pillow tube, 15cm in diameter. Dig pic 18. Getting underway. Sample was from within 5m of contact below.
1349 Underway. Lobates, uniform dusting of sediments. Not youngest material.
1350 -1117 -8943 2590 Contact: Back into young stuff. Pillows, transitional into lobates. Very shiny glassy surfaces. Big mama fish about 0.5m long off to port. Can't see kipukas of older pillows, so flow is relatively thick here.
1355 -960 -8950 2574 Very shiny glass, age 0.5 lobates. Going to WP9.
1357 -918 -8946 084 2572 Still in young age 0.5-1 lobates.
1357.5 2570 Small collapse then large one next to it. Spaghetti worms on lobates, also a bit more sediment.
1358 -888 -8945 2570 Over collapse. Saw pillar. Pockets of Spaghetti worms around. Also mounds of hydrothermal sediments in pockets of lobes.
1402 045 Underway for a minute to WP10 (new WP). 500m out. Should hit contact before that. We are in age 0.5 lobates, a smattering of sediment in places. Also seeing a few ornamented pillows.
1404 045 2572 Age 1 lobates transitional to pillows.
1406 045 2574 Flying a bit high. Can see age 0.5-1 lobates, pretty glassy. Also seeing bigger, elongated pillows and bulbous pillows that seem a bit more sedimented but hard to see from up here. I think we are still in the same stuff. Big, hollowed-out, collapsed pilow to port.
1408 -660 -8788 2575
1409 2579 Alt. 7m off bottom. Can't see much from this height. Going down gentle slope.
1410 2585 Alt. 4. Now that we are close to the bottom I can see that we are still in age 0.5 lobates with nice ornamentation transitional to pillows that are bare.
1414 2592 In age 0.5-1 mostly bulbous pillows. Not seeing lobates. Contact?
1415-1416 -495 -8609 2598 Fix was from ship. Have picked up more sediment here in last couple of minutes, hard to say when exactly. A transition rather than a sharp contrast. It does appear to be the older pillows, age 1-1.5 here.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1417 Stopping to take sample 14.
1424 2599 Still at sampling station. Looking for a piece of lobate crust or elongate pillow.
1428 Sample 3361-14 - into bio box. Pillow tube, ~10cm in length. Almost out of juice. Will get underway on a heading of 315. No, no more juice. Will leave bottom.
1430 2600 Saw weights hit the bottom. Nice little "explosions".
1517 1400 Maggie spin over.