Dive 3355 - 15 Feb 1999

Ken R (port side) transcript

Observers: Ken Rubin and Bill Ryan

Pilot: Bob Waters

Audio Tape 1 of 1 - Side A

note: items in italics not on audio tape. copied from Alvin Video.
Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
0816 279 descent. 28m 34 from WP1
0834 3908 10112 930 descent.
0842 3913 10109 1224 Maggie spin start
0846 1329 spin over
0856 3977 9838 1649 descent
0926 4317 10028 2589 50m off bottom.
0933 4792 7368 2625 Landing site: 12m of bottom. Sedimented bottom on citcam. Small fissures.
0934 4775 8801 270 2633 6m of bottom. Collapse, larger away from sub. Directly over fissure trending perpendicular to sub. Lobates, age 2 to 2.5.. Lots of ponded sediment and dusting on lobes. Steep drop off in from of us.
0935 270 2336 3m off bottom. Over a step down, few meters. Heavily sedimented lobates.
approx0937 Heavily sedimented sheet flow (Bob working on mesotech logging with port monitor, no display right now).
0939 4184 10019 266 2644 Lobates, age 2.5. Heavily sedimented.
0940 4238 8606 2645 Pillows to port, tabular pieces (lobates?) to starboard. Stopping for sample number 1
0942 to 0944 2645 Sample 3355-1 - small pillow bud into basket 1a. Age 2.5 pillows and lobates. Ascending in water column to get a fix.
0946.5 14m off bottom. No nav fixes. will make for WP2

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
949 267 2647 Sedimented lobates, some elongated pillows. Age 2.5-3. Collapse, trending perpendicular to the sub, 2m deep.
950 Now seeing primarily pillows.
951 2646 Over a 3-5 m deep fissure. Rubbly terrain at base. Lobates in wall in front of us. Pillows, age 2.5-3 on top.
952 265 Down a large step, >5m. Wide fissure? Rubble/talus rampart coming off the wall behind us.
953 2647 Last down drop was a step, not a fissure. 13m (15-2m flight alt.) total dropoff. No nav.
954 2661 19 m off bottom.
956 264 2674 7 m off bottom is elongate pillow lavas with lots of ornamentation, bulbous forms as well, less sedimented. Age 2 or less. Large fissure below, 5-6m deep. Wall in front of us. Truncated pillows.
958 2675 Large collapse next to us. Approaching next step down/graben. Elongated pillows, age 2. Definitely less sediment than we saw up on top. Saw one elongated pillow clearly truncated by edge of dropoff.
1000 2685 5 m off bottom. Using citcam. Lobate lavas beneath us.
1001 264 2688 3m off bottom. Few pillows but primarily lobates. Getting occasional nav fixes. Lots of cracks in the rocks. Seeing white staining in cracks. Also some brown Fe-oxide staining. Surfaces are fissured.
1003 2689 Sample stop. On edge of small fissure trending ~ perpendicular to the sub. Lobates. Truncated lobates evident in the fissure wall. Age 2. Even dusting on things but not as much as up on eastern high.
1006 2688 Sediment in water, hard to observe on pan and tilt. In age 2 lobates. Sitting directly over a narrow fissure.
1009 31 2689 Small fissure is <1m wide. Can see down it on video. Age 2 lobates.
1015 2689 Sample 3355-2 - lobate crust, 10 cm long into basket 1b. Dig pic #2.
1017 underway again. Go back to heading of 263.
1018 264 2685 Ship not getting nav on us either at present. Age 2 sedimented lobates.
1019 2687 Approaching vertical wall of 1 m or so. Lobates in wall. Talus at bottom. Age 2 lobates on top. Broken up near edge but untectonized a couple of m from edge. Bottom dropped away again. Lobate sliver standing up in larger fissure.
1021 2684 Lobates. Lots of talus.
2682 Talus slope. Sizes 5-20 cm in diameter fining as we move up hill. White staining on some surfaces. Almost no sediment. Looks fresh.
1023 266 2666 Approaching a wall, truncated lobates in face. 12 off bottom, 9m step up. Lobates on top.
1024 265 Down a 1m step, lots of fracturing to surfaces of lobates. Rubbly.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1025 3744 10016 2667 Second dropoff.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1026 258 2670 Shelly lobates transitional to sheets. More sediment cover. Broken surfaces. Smooth plane of sediments to port broken by little edges of flow crust. Flow dips off to port, ~perpendicular to sub heading. Age 2.5. Same apparent sediment age as the landing site. Ornamented pillows on 1st step down early in dive was youngest seen so far. No sample though.
1027 2668 Approaching edge of fissure. Sheet lavas at edge. 3m deep into narrow fissure. Sheets on the other side.
1028 2667 Extinct sulfide chimney.
1029 2665 Couple of extinct sulfide chimneys down in a small fissure. Lots of orange sediment around.
1030 Still heavily sedimented, lots of pockets of orange-brown sediment in and amongst pelagic sediment. Can barely see surface of lava. Rubbly sheet flows? No, appears to be tops of small extinct chimneys. Extinct chimney field.
1031 to 1032 257 2663 Over very sedimented terrain. Small amounts of orange and white staining to sediment. Small fissure trending perpendicular to the sub (~ N-S) . Small broken up (extinct) sulfide edifice to port. Approaching a very large (extinct) chimney. Enormous extinct chimney. Lots of orange staining. At least 6-8m high, broad base (as wide as the sub). Somewhat broken up. Within of the chimney we crossed a very narrow, deep fissure. Put on citcam. Can see lobates and sheets in the wall. More sulfide chimneys on the other side. They straddle the fissure. Chimneys are also large. Squat at the base.
1033 2661 Sedimented sheet flows. Heading upslope. No chimneys. Chimneys and fissures were in the center of this past "step". Extensive sediment cover. Just surfaces of sheets occasionally poking out on folds.
1034 258 2657 Heading up talus ramp to the right (oblique slope). Port sees smooth sediment. Edge of talus pile just poking out beneath the sub. Edge of small collapse oblique to strike of ridge?
1036 260 2646 6m off bottom. Over very broken up terrain. Lots of talus. Semi-linear ridge of lobates going off at heading of ~330 relative to the sub. Approaching wall. Talus beneath us. Wall has truncated sheets and lobates. Very thin layers.
1038 2630 Very broken up lobates on a ridge line in center of collapse. Small pits to port that are ~5m deep. Also seeing fissures. Approaching a step. Areas is a series of sedimented narrow ridgelines and broken up areas in between. Small, 3m step, then large step down after that.
1040 2628 Flying 12m off after last step down. Deep depression beneath us. Just barely visible on citcam. Sedimented terrain with broken up material. Batteries are replaced in Bill's tape player.
1041 2632 More extinct sulfides on floor of deep sedimented fissure (small "mini graben"). 9m tall chimney (sub is 9m off bottom and top is right beneath us).
1042 to 1043 2633 Approaching floor again. Elongated pillows, very sedimented. Small fissure (2-3m deep) trending roughly perpendicular to the sub. Then, large 7m step down (from 4m alt to 11m alt.). Broken up pillows, ground sloping away.
1044 259 2642 Wall in front of us. Talus rampart leading up to it.
1045 2637 Talus terminates into a wall. Almost no sediment on talus. Wall is truncating lobates. Top of wall is sedimented lobates. Age 2-2.5.
1048 247 2625 Traversed back up other wall. Age 3. Elongate pillows just poking out of sediment. Near target depth of WP2. No nav. Ship fix: 114m out.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1051 3229 9859 2626 Ship fix: 45m 110 to WP2. Mostly sediment beneath us. Must be over very shelly lobates or sheets. Can only see few cm edge of flow.
1052 3228 9837 2626 Beginning turn to WP3 on heading of 111. 1095m to next WP (Alvin fix). Age 3 on top of west flank. Small bits of lava poking through. Broken lobates.
1053 3234 9830 111 2625 fix
1055 3267 9820 111 2627 Going off large dropoff. Switching to citcam.
1056 3295 9812 2633 12m on altimeter. Didn't take sample near WP2 because it was too sedimented.
1057 3309 9805 2641 Going step-wise down hill over last couple of minutes. Now going up again. Age 2+ lobates. Extinct chimney beneath us.
1058 3309 9805 111 2640 Nice pillows. Very sedimented. Also a few lobates
1059 3309 9805 190 2640 Attempting to take a sample. Adjusting course but not making way. (old fix).
1100 3354 9793 248 2641 Still looking for sample. Very narrow fracture trending perpendicular to the sub (N-S), 10-20 cm across.
1103 3354 9793 261 2641 Trying to sample pillow bud.
1105 At sampling site .Can see glistening glass on surface of pillows. Not totally old but age 2 sediment cover. Somewhat orange tint to the sediment but not as strong as seen previously. Only partial enhanced sedimentation from hydrothermal deposition.
1107 3354 9793 2640 Going to move. Didn't get sample.
1109 3835 7136 2641 Fissure to port. 1m wide. Very sedimented top. Cutting mostly lobates? No it is sheets. We are on jumbled sheet. No longer in sedimented pillows we had been trying to sample.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1116 2641 Sample 3355-3 - into basket 5a, small, flat, tabular, triangular piece 10 cm long, thin lobate crust or sheet. Heavily sedimented area, hard to view sampling on pan and tilt. Underway from sample station 3.
1119 117 2639 Crossing another fissure ~perpendicular to the sub. Heavily sedimented, age 2.5 lobates. Lots of small fissures.
1120 112 2637 Heavily sedimented, age 2.5 lobates. Just traversed small cliff.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1121 3411 9762 2637 Beginning descent into basin. Last step was 14-15m.
1122 3425 9761 2651 5m off bottom. Approaching again after last step. Heavily sedimented lobates, age 2.5. Local collapse. Very thin shelly lobates with 5 cm thick rind.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1124 112 2655 6-7m off bottom. Another fissure. Same sediment cover. Another step.
1126 2661 CTFM shows wall at 100m away. At bottom of second step. Jumbled sheet flow transitional to curtain folded sheet flow with small fissures, same sediment cover. This material looks different. Very sedimented but different flow morphology.
1127 2664 Going over cliff. Can see down deep drop off then it comes back up part of the way on facing wall. Tilted block of sheets. Can see down into block. Sheet flows in the wall.
1128 Sedimented sheets riddled with very narrow (<10 cm across) fissures, 1-2m spacing. Surfaces between fissures looks untectonized but covered with sediment. Can see thin ribbon folds of the sheet flow poking through. Transitioning into lobates further on.
1129 111 2674 4m off bottom. Approaching talus slope and a wall. Talus is significantly less sedimented than the floor.
1132 114 2669 End of Alvin & 3 Chip Videos 1 of 3; Start of videos 2. 8m off bottom. sedimented rubbly terrain. Bob and Bill discussed seeing more hydrothermal chimneys while I was changing the tapes out.
1133 114 2669 Going off a cliff into another depression. Very broken up terrain. Lots of fist-sized pieces of rock. Can see it well on citcam. Image distorted? Pieces look to be watermelon sized out window but we are flying high.
1134 2677 Settled in to bottom. Pillows, pillows everywhere. Lots of elongated and bulbous pillows. Good striations, almost no sediment here.
1136 109 2676 Stopping for sample of significantly less sedimented pillows. Back in the axial graben. Can see white crab out port window.
1140 2675 Sample 3355-4 - into basket 5b. 15 cm long elongate pillow bud.
1141 Underway again.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1144 3804 9650 2672 Over a fissure. Wall has truncated pillows on top and lobates down below.
1145.5 3836 9643 116 2675 Bulbous pillows, age 1.5 -2. Thin dusting of sediment but no organized pockets. Eating chocolate.
1147.5 3875 9627 2675 4m off bottom. Lobate lavas, almost no sediment. Small extinct hydrothermal chimney and small deposit of orange hydrothermal sediment. Generally less sediment, though. Age 2.
1148.5 3904 9618 Approaching slope. Lots of talus. Seeing plenty of biology, at least more than we've seen so far. Anenomaes, almost no sediment.

Audio Tape 1 of 1 - Side B

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1148.5 3904 9618 2675 Traversing a wall. Almost no sediment on preceding talus pile with anenomaes. Few crabs on top of the wall. Wall is lobates
1150 3930 9607 114 2655 Wall dropped off again on other side. Thin remnant block (~2 m across).
1152 3959 9597 2658 Approaching another talus rampart. This one is a little bit more sedimented. Ascending steep wall now, already up 13m and still rising.
1153 3974 9594 2645 Altitude 19m. Quite a wall. Will attempt to sample.
1158 158 2645 Sample 3355-5 - taken from top of 20m high wall on east side of valley.
1159 3987 9593 2643 Sample was a tabular piece of lobate crust that went into basket 4. About 15 cm long. Dig. photo #5.
1200 4016 9583 2642 Ship fix: ~300m 110 from WP3. Another wall at 10m away on CTFM sonar.
1201 Heavily sedimented terrain at top of wall. Can barely see flow surface. It appears to be lobate lavas.
1202 4045 9572 2641 Alt 6m. Hovering over pillows transitional to lobates. Lots of sediment (age 2.5). Collapses but no fissures.
1203 4066 9565 2646 Passing small linear fissure, in lobate lavas. Then a second wide fissure (10m across). Rubble at base of approaching wall. Less sediment here, but more sediment than the rubble we saw further down slope. Now flying up the wall.
1204 4013 9553 118 2640 Passed over 10m of high standing sea floor. Now ascending again. 4m off bottom.
1205 4118 9548 2638 Floors of mini grabens are uneven and jumbled. Just passed small fissure. Now entering very flat, heavily sedimented terrain. Age 2.5. Can barely see lobate shells sticking out. Small fissures (few cm across) trending 270 to the sub.
1207 126 2636 On top of east wall? Heavily sedimented terrain. Lobates poking through sediment. Another drop off in front of us. 120 m out from WP3. Still significant fissures up on apparent summit.
1208 4164 9529 2639 Crossed a fissure. In pillows transitional to lobates. Somewhat less sediment than we saw just 20 to 30m ago on local ridge. Transiting into heavily sedimented lobates that is the same as on the ridge. Maybe it just looks greater on low-relief lobates.
1209 135 2637 Transitioned out of heavily sedimented terrain into talus slope with almost no sediment on it. Significantly younger than material it came from. Crossing small 1/2 m deep fissure. Can see broken up lobate crusts. Off to port can see small collapse in lobates
1210 4400 9594 136 2636 Came across another 20m wide fissure. Talus slope at base as we come to opposing wall. Truncated lobates in wall. Not too much sediment on talus, wall is a narrow arete, dropping off 5m on back side. Isolated block. In sedimented lobates on top. Fissures look relatively young.
1212? 4227 9489 140 45m from WP3
1213 4234 9481 151 2637 Approaching another scarp. Fissure beneath us. Looking for place to sample on other side. Citcam shows talus in fissure. Flying high. Can see rubbly lobates in fissure.
1215 4234 9481 Ship puts us at WP3. Over a collapse pit. Truncated lobate shells in wall. One well preserved. Heavily sedimented just beyond the wall.
1216 4234 9481 159 2643 Attempting sample 6 from a lobate crust on the top of a scarp.
1219 4234 9481 2643 Sample 3355-6 - into basket 8. Large piece of lobate crust, Mn-oxide staining on bottom. 25 cm in longest direction, triangular in shape. Will make way for WP4.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1221 Underway to WP4.




238 2638 Fissure opening to broader collapse to port. Trending roughly perpendicular to heading of sub. Heavily sedimented lobate terrain. Age 2.5. Ship fix: 1355m to WP4. Just passed through a larger collapse. Rubble at base. See shattered pillows in talus. Approaching wall. 5m off bottom. Wall is 8m high. A narrow ridgeline that drops off on other side. Very tectonized surface. Some sediment cover but not too extensive. Passed another fissure-ridge. We go up-down-up-down in heavily sedimented terrain away from fissures. Down in fissures there is some sediment too, although less than ridges. Sediment age 1.5 to 2. Unfissured pillows just poking up through sediment appear to be sediment age 2.5.
1227 236 2636 Ascending another wall in a fissure. Heavily sedimented, just a few lobates poking through.
1228 2634 Another step up. Seeing talus at base of wall in wide fissure. Floor sediment age 2.5.
2635-4 Heavily sedimented pillows transitional to lobates, age 2.5-3, poking out of sediment. Small fissure, 10 cm across. Vertical drop beneath us, 17 m high. Now approaching flow.
239 2641 13m off bottom
1232 Bottom in view. Old sedimented lobates, broken up into tabular pieces. Sediment age 2.5.
1233 236 2653 Coming back down wall. Seeing some small fissure too into lobate flows in between regions that are heavily sedimented. Little bits of lava poking through, age 2.5.
1234 238 2648 Jumbled, ribbon folded sheet flow flooring base of graben is overlain by talus slope at base of a wall. 9m off bottom. Going oblique to scarp. Can be seen on starboard side (means it is outward facing from main graben) apparently there are pillows and lobates in the wall. I see only talus rampart.
1235 2643 On local summit.
1237.5 238 2648 Over heavily sedimented lobates. Approaching talus rampart. Looks just like our ascent of this wall.
1238.5 2642 Over narrow, 4m wide "high" with lobates on top, walls on either side dropping down into fissure, rubble at base. Away from fissure is heavily sedimented terrain. Almost nothing poking through sediment on another local high of possibly sheet flows, which then drops down again into another fissure. Lots of fissures here. More tectonized terrain than not, as we descend the wall back into the main graben. Mostly lobates transitional into sheets (tabular, thin flows) seen in walls. Sediment age might be less on broken up surfaces but this may be an artifact.
1241 2658 to 2660 3m off bottom. Very broken up shelly lobates. 5-6 cm thick with big void spaces between them. Lots of rubble and fissures. Not too much sediment. Surface broken up like plates. Now up on age 2 local high. Sediment in pockets and dusting on flows.
1243 237 2660 5m off bottom. Going down another step. Wall behind us, blue water in front of us.
1244 240 2675 16m drop off. Flying 15m off bottom.
1245.5 238 2688 Bottom has starfish. Bulbous pillows, significantly less sediment. Coming up small slope. See elongated pillows too with breadcrust texture on surface.
1246 2688 Stopping for sample of striated bulbous pillows.
1251 2689 Mosey along to look for sample. Still in less sedimented striated pillows. Mostly down east wall (actually at bottom according to depth).
1252 Still looking for sample. Pillows transitional to lobates. Same sediment cover, just different flow morphology.
1257 2689 Still looking for sample.
1301 2689

Sample 3355-7 - into basket 3a. 7 cm long pillow bud with warts.

ship fix, 500m 270 out from WP4

1303 244 2689 Underway again, in least sedimented stuff of the day (age 1.5-2). Over ridge of bulbous pillows. Seeing fissure truncating pillow lavas. A few ridges of pillows ~3m across up middle of fissure. Broken up pillows on fissure floor. Almost no sediment down in 3m deep fissures.
1305 242 2690 Pillows transitional to lobates. Still plenty of fissures, ~perpendicular to the sub. Not much sediment, obviously lobates show more sediment than pillows, some pockets evident. Age 1.5-2.
1306 1 minute since last fissure. Untectonized terrain. Mostly lobates. Few small pillows with ornamentation. Elongated forms trending roughly perpendicular to the sub. Down axis strike, roughly.
1307 2692 Broken up rock fragments of lobates and pillows, going up small hill. Not a fracture or scarp. Gentle slope.
1308 242 2689 Now hitting true talus slope. Climbing.
1309 2670 Flying up big wall (away from port side), already up 12m. Just passed deepest part of axis. Can see wall on video. Broken up lobates
1310 280 2664 On top at Alt 19 m. Big throw fault. Lots of fresh talus at edge, then another fissure just back from edge. Yet another wall in front of us.
1311 2662 4m high lava pillars. Elongated features rather than simple tall statues. These are broad pedestals with linear features on them. Going to come about to sample them. Didn't see these pillars on 2 northern crossings. Saw rubbly surfaces and extinct hydrothermal chimneys. On new segment?
1313 to 16 2664 Sample 3355-8 - into basket number 9. Lobate crust of pillar sampled from very top. Getting underway again.
1318 211 2662 Pausing in interesting terrain. Very large elongated lava "pillars". Tabular sheets to the walls above us, transitional to lobates, than a talus slope. Looks like a collapse exposed this thing. We are in the collapse. Can see linear bathtub rings in walls and on pillars.
1320 2664 Lots of broken up terrain.
1321 Hovering over collapsed lobates. Lots of thin shelly layers to the lobates. Local pockets of heavy sediment. Then less sedimented broken up surfaces. Looks like tectonism is relatively young here.
1323 209 2663 Broken up lobate crusts. Lots of rubble. Bill sees pillars to starboard. Some collapse features on port. Shelly lobates break up and drop down a meter. Very clean break. Not too much sediment here, ~age 1.5. Seeing big extinct hydrothermal mound. Lots of orange staining at base. 2 chimneys, ~1.5m tall but very broad, 6m, at base. Deep (3m) collapse off to port.
1325 2663 At WP4. Come about to WP5 on heading of 145.
1325.5 Executing turn. In collapsed lava lake terrain.
1327 145 2664 Still no nav.
1328 2665 Broken up lobates. Shattered pieces everywhere. Not much sediment cover. Age 1.5. In center of collapse. No pillars yet on this traverse.
1329 2661 Now seeing a couple of very tall pillars off port side. 10m high. Bill and Bob see extinct hydrothermal chimneys. Seem to be in center of lava lake. Seeing more biology. Lots of anenomaes and crabs.
1331 to 1332 Changed Alvin and 3 Chip videos. Now on Tapes 3.
1332 2671 In area of diffuse flow hydrothermal venting. Lots of white staining on rocks. In a talus pile. Lots of crabs and white fish around. We are still down in lava lake collapse.
1333 2677 Diffuse flow site. Small area (<10m across). Seeing some warm shimmering water. Not super dramatic in terms of chimneys. Lots of biology. [Said on tape this was on eastern side of axis but looking at map this is not right].
1336 2668 Flying high. Citcam shows lots of rubbly terrain.
1337 085 2679 Ribbon folded sheet flows, broken up. On diversion from track to investigate a circular thing on CTFM that turned out to be a rock pile.
1338 145 2680 5m of bottom
1339.5 2690 Lobates. Untectonized. Age 1.5, small, very ornamented pillows interspersed in there too.
1342 to 1343 2692 Stopped in center of graben to get sample 9. Moving slowly in nice bulbous pillows with striated surfaces. Lower relief lobates too. Plus some starfish. Looks relatively young, age 1.5.
1347 2694 Still looking. In pillows transitional to lobates. Will try for lobate.
1353 155 2692 Going to migrate for sample.
1356 2693 Sample 3355-9 - into basket 3b, dig. photo 10. Pillow bud fragment, 5 cm long from relatively untectonized part of graben floor, age 1.5 pillows transitional to lobates.
1359 150 2689 Underway for 2 minutes towards WP5. Underway at 1358
1401 151 2684 Similar terrain for last few minutes. Seeing first fissure, trending roughly perpendicular to sub (180 absolute). Now approaching another fissure. Transitioned quickly from untectonized to tectonized terrain as we approach eastern margin of graben? No, those appeared to be lone fissures. Back into untectonized lobates, few ornamented bulbous pillows. Age 1.5. Now seeing more rubble.
1404 2677 Lobates. More broken up pieces on sea floor. No fissures but lots of broken lobate pieces. Some small bulbous pillows as well.
1405 2676 Into area with more elongated pillows with delicate ornamentation. Seeing hydrothermal staining out front and starboard windows. Lots of tectonized pieces of pillow fragments. Seeing ridge, ~2 m high off port.
1406 151 2673 Big wall in front of us. Truncated lobate and thin sheet flows in wall. Somewhat more sedimented on top. Upper surface is lobates, 4m wide, then it drops off again to rubbly terrain
1407 2674 Heavily tectonized area. Gigantic blocks of lobate flows. Can see (truncated) lobates and pillows in wall in front of us. Big step up.
1407.5 151 Climbing straight up.
1408 150 2667 At top. Significantly more sediment cover. In ribbon folded sheets. Then another little wall with talus at base. In heavily broken up jumbled sheet flow transitional to lobate.
1409 149 Making a 180 turn so we can go back to sheet flow for a sample. We have already transited out into big blocks of heavily fractured lobates again that are very sedimented. 15-20cm wide fissures heading away from the sub at 140 breaking up the flow.
1412 to 15 Looking far sample 10. Bob took a 1m long piece of lobate crust that was a beauty but we made him put it back.
1419 347 2667 Sample 3355-10 - into basket 6a. 15 cm long x 4cm thick piece of lobate crust, lots of Fe-staining on it. But it looks relatively glassy.
1422 2668 Going over a fault scarp over blue water. Ship fix: 130m 110 from WP5. Not quite across graben yet.
1424 Lobates in wall in front of us. Age 2 sediments on top. Back to sampling location of a few minutes ago?
1425.5 122 2667 Over sedimented, tectonized lobates. Tabular sheets, broken near the edges by a fissure. Sheets transition into lobates. Still age 2. Dull, flat terrain away from fissures
1427 118 2665 Transitioned into broken up lobates. Ascending small hill. Turned out to be a talus rampart.
1429 123 2644 Over fissures. Very wide fissure in front of us. Just flew over a small ridge in it. Very sedimented. We came up a 10m wall, went over few m wide ridge, then dropped back down.
1431 121 2642 Going up another hill of very broken up lobates. Went up over small spur then it dropped off again. East side of graben has benches and large down dropped blocks. Flying over blue water now

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1432 3674 8417 2641 Good fix.

Time Heading Depth (m) Comments
1434 2654 Executing turn to WP6. Ornamented pillow lavas and lobates. Almost as much sediment as up on summit earlier. Age 2.5.
1439 140 2652 Looked for sample unsuccessfully. In an area of lots of hydrothermal sediment, little dead chimneys and hydrothermal crust on heavily sedimented lobates. No longer in budded pillows. Almost out of juice.
1441 206 2653 Out of hydrothermal area.
1447 2650 Sample 3355-11 - into bio box (basket 2). 15 cm long pillow bud. Out of juice. Will leave bottom. In heavily sedimented terrain, age 2.5.
1448 Off bottom.

Time X Y Heading Depth (m) Comments
1506 3805 8470 2214 Good fix.
15?? Did Maggie spin at 1500m depth (didn't make it onto tape).